You’re only as good as you prepare to be

I can’t tell you how many times while working with my dad off and on over the 20 years he was considered to be one of the best contractors in Chico, that he told me the results are in your prep work.

When I say I am a master intuitive it is because I no longer think and let my intuition guide all I do. I trained me to do that and I can’t train you to do it. No one can. Here’s why.

No one reads what is going on in you and your life as well as you can. Others can read the energy and the intent of you and whatever it is you ask them about, however to develop your own intuition rests squarely on you. Only you can live the experiences that allow you to strengthen your reading abilities that strengthens your intuitive self and allows you to become more intuitive and less lost in thought.

As Russell Targ a physicist who worked with other physicists for over 20 years being funded by the C.I.A suggests all you need is one other personal you are reading to let you know if you got it right. The work Russell did with the C.I.A. was centered around remote viewing but also covered many other abilities that have been called psychic abilities however are the natural intuitive self that any can tap into.

To become a master intuitive you take it from the one on one and practice with everyone. There will be a lot of trial and error as you learn how to read any one with high accuracy.

The intuitive self is 10 times more efficient than the thinking self could ever dream of being as that time thinking is removed and things come in an instant with no thought required. The prep work you put into becoming a master takes years. I got a lot wrong before I could fully trust and rely on my intuition to never miss.

I have mentioned before when I sit down to write these buzzes I never think I just throw up a title and see where it takes me.

It took me years of preparation and work to be able to do it this way. The reason I am as good at it as I am is because of the all the years of prep work that have gone into it. It’s the work I have always put into me that is the reason why I became a master intuitive.

Whatever it is that you want to master it starts with the prep work which always involves working on you.


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