Why an Empath/Intuitive makes sense in business

An Empath has a perception that is deeper than most people and in the business world this can give you a strategic edge over the competition.

Human Resources

An Empath sitting across from a candidate in an interview is reading the whole human. They pick up on everything not being said and will know if the candidate is lying.

The read the company everyday they come in to work and can feel if someone will thrive in you company or if they simply won’t fit and will become a future firing. Turnover is money that could be better spent.


Natural emotional communicators that can take your marketing material and make it honest while still finding the things that will gain that emotional investment that drives consumer trust in giving you a shot.


An Empath is reading the potential sale as the conversation goes and can make changes in the moment to keep them on the line until they are ready to be reeled in.


An Empath will be reading their direct reports and be able adjust their communication in the moment to improve morale and inspire people to perform. They hit on the things that drive employee satisfaction when it comes to communication with management. They are able to adjust the individual in the moment and need not rely on one approach.

Research and Development

An Empath in a conversation can bring out that one thing that has been out of grasp and assist in furthering research with great efficiency lowering costs spent in beating your head against the wall trying to figure out what you are missing.


An Empath does not need a lot of familiarity with your company or your industry in order to be effective. They read your comapny and can feel their way through the process with an efficiency that can not be matched. Often improvements come in the form of changing how you view what you are doing and getting the full inside and outside perspective of the entire picture.

An Empath will often use the term Intuitive. Same difference.

People born with a higher intellect in most cases and a natural born ability to do many things in order to assist you in driving your success.

The intuitive self is much more efficient and there is more and more coming out daily on using intuition to get ahead in business. It just makes sense to hire those who have already mastered it.

Strengthening intuition is already a trend. The Empath lives that process already and can assist you in fostering it in your organization.

Get ahead of the trend and look for those terms Intuitive and Empath before the future of how business gets tuned up for success leaves you behind.


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