Unfortunately for some facts exist

Intellectual debate is often theoretical debate with the idea that no facts exist.

Yes, you read that right, people with will and intent assert no facts exist and then expect something productive to happen.

Yes, the behavior is as childish as it reads.

To assert that no fact exists on a particular topic is to avoid actually having to take a stand and therefore run the risk of being wrong. The academic community exists in the realm of no facts when it comes to psychology and philosophy.

They are always quick with the Socrates quote that says “Wisdom comes from knowing I know nothing.” Here’s why that is a cowards cop out and not wise at all.

Aristotle said “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Max J. Carter said “If knowledge is power, than wisdom is understanding.”

To know yourself and understand yourself is to understand the rest as well. We like to pretend that not everything applies to everyone and somethings only apply to us. This is the great lie we sell ourselves on.

Those who would want to argue that would do so wanting to have something that was unique to them and would take a narcissistic view to even consider arguing.

It takes a great act of willful ignorance to create a delusion where you refuse to accept something as fact when it is indeed fact and the only reason you don’t want to agree is because it destroys the theoretical position.



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