No really what’s an Empath? Evolution, aliens, or is God to blame?

Currently around 10% of the world’s population classifies as Empath.

With a population of over 7 billion that’s over 700 million.

That’s 1 out of every 10 people.

That’s 10% of the population who can take on your emotions as their own.

That’s 1 out of every 10 people that everyone simply feels better to be around.

That’s people who represent as manic depressive simply out of a lack of knowing what they do and psychology ignoring it even exists.

Even Empaths who have mastered their genetic trait have moments and days of difficulty in managing this trait.

Think about people you know that simply seem to change the air when they are present. People that you inexplicably always seem to feel better around with nothing more than their silent presence. It’s highly likely this human being is internally dealing with the sadness and anger being suppressed or repressed in the room. The rest of the room is getting their natural high so to speak.

This human being is most likely an Empath whether they know it or not. I was 37 before I stopped telling myself it was all in my head. I had been reading people with a depth and accuracy that scared them. I found out later many things that I was told I had been wrong about in the moment, had in fact been true. When I started seeing the truth of myself in being an Empath, I felt sane for the first time in my life.

At first I didn’t have a name for it or a reason why. My exploration led me through the modern new age landscape and across religion and mythology. I’ve heard theories that involve aliens and star seeds.

Every culture and history has records of people like myself who have an inexpiable knowing. People who are in tune with the infinite flow of life force energy.

Think of the concept of Divine Energy as pure love and Sacred Energy as unconditional love. The Divine Light and the Sacred Darkness from which it was born.

It’s all metaphor.

An Empath has a genetic predisposition to unconditional love in their natural way of being. They will engage in acts of sacrifice without even thinking about their own well-being. They act selflessly to the point of self-harm. They are nurturing to the point of enabling if they do not learn self-discipline with their giving nature.

We each have our things in life that are the little things that can makes us feel loved. The things that bring us joy when others do them for and sometimes to us.

1 out of 10 people lives and breathes to do these things for the people around them. They are absolutely sincere in those things they do to attempt to brighten the days of all round them.

1 in 10 people is a natural born behavioral cognitive therapist that provides an emotional clearing and balancing with every visit, whether it be hanging out as friends or talking at work, it is the nature of their being and happens in every conversation.

1 out 10 people can feel every lie in the room. Natural born lie detectors.

1 out of 10 people simply know things that defy our current scientific understanding. They read emotional energy and translate emotional concepts that have no other way of being expressed.

Think of the concept of the “Unwritten Language” as emotion. The telepathic communication that is often spoke of is a sharing of emotional concepts and images. It very rarely involves any cohesive conscious formed thought.

No matter how good these 1 out of every 10 people are at emotional translations, on occasion something gets lost in translation.

In my early research to try and find an explanation for why I am able to what I do, I found a lot of people looking for any reason that would allow them to forsake their humanity. On some level I could understand why. On some level I didn’t feel exactly human anymore. This has everything to do with programming.

Until I was 37 and realized I am an Empath, I would have been every bit as skeptical as those I sometimes come face to face with. In fact at first I wished it was all untrue and that I was crazy. For the first 37 years I had done a good job of pretending. However this thing called experience kept happening that would never allow me to place a veil over my own eyes again.

I have had thousands upon thousands of shared experiences to show me I do exactly what I say I do. I was not in search of further evidence I was in search of others and an explanation as to where it came from and why.

The first somewhat cohesive group that I found was an email group. They were big fans of Lemuria and that we are Lemurians. I wasn’t buying it and moved on quickly.

One of the most psychologically harmful places I found online was the Otherkin group I spent a short period of time in. There are subcultures within the Otherkin culture that allow you to profess to be anything non human. Vampire, Lycanthrope, Angel, Fey, Dragon and a myriad of other things and these people do truly believe that’s what they are. It was disturbing the level of disconnection from the idea of being human that these people embraced.

I moved on to a place I felt comfortable for the first time however it wasn’t long before I pissed off most of the group by simply being me.

As I said Empaths represent 1 out of every 10 humans. A group of over 9,000 is a unique experience indeed.

The match that lit the rocket on the tactical nuke that destroyed my bridge to this group was my integrity.

Not the first time that’s happened in my life.

I said before I call being public, coming out of the basement. These people were happy to stay chained up in the basement like freaks to be ashamed of. I never could be and here’s why.

People unconsciously sense the unconditional loving and accepting nature of an Empath and find themselves divulging the most intimate details of their life to a total stranger they feel inexplicably drawn to. Every Empath I have ever met has said this happens to them frequently.

These people often look puzzled and are left forever wondering why they met that one person that one time and told them what they did. I like being able to explain it to them in the moment. I like being acknowledged for my being beyond a mysterious figure one time met. I like letting people know next time they’ll know who to look for and where I can be found.

My desire to be out and open about my being made most of the group really upset. There are many occasions in which someone such as myself is honest and open about what they do and they are diagnosed as mentally ill. They have their kids taken away. They lose their jobs, their friends and even their family will back away from them.

100 years ago they would have burned us at the stake.

Due to the fear of the unknown by 9 out of 10 people 1 out of 10 people are afraid to acknowledge their own being.

The majority of the 9,000 Empaths in this group only acknowledged their being in this group and chose to live a lie of pretending to be 9 out of 10 people. They only felt safe in the group. They had heard the stories of being locked up in mental hospitals, some of them in the group had even had that experience and it was why they chose to stay in the basement.

I understand why they live their choice.

My choice was the beginning of what led to my 3rd divorce, my 2nd wife used it to take our son out of my care more than once, I have lost long time friends and my mom has finally stopped trying to cast Satan out of me.

I understand why they live their choice.

After the nuke went off destroying that bridge, I found myself in a smaller group for Empaths on Facebook. I quickly became the go to guy to figure things out. I was made an admin and spent roughly the next year or so working with 5 to 15 people a day teaching them to manage their being better.

It was in the time spent there answering their questions I got my answers.

The most common mistake I’ve seen in attempting to answer the question of why am I like this is that God must somehow be involved.

I’m a Shaman which means I am equal parts Scientist and Spiritualist.

I’m my own biggest skeptic.

Why do Empaths exist and where do they come from?

In simplest terms it is the next evolutionary stage of our species and 1 out of 10 people are early risers so to speak and over time 99 out of 100 people being born will be Empaths.

It’s genetic.

Empaths are adept at blending spirituality and science. They are adept at seeing ways to create technology that will allow for the luxuries we all enjoy while at the same time doing less harm to the Earth and each other. The world we live in is changing on an ideological level and the people are changing at the genetic level to follow suit.

9 out of 10 people might not like it.

1 out of 10 people exist anyway and the numbers are ever growing with every child born.

We might already be at the 2 out of 10 mark or higher.

An Empath is a Peacekeeper by nature. They will always look for the simplest solution to bring about a peaceful resolution.

This uncanny ability to find the simple solution regardless of the complexity of the emotional web of attachments to the issue is often resisted and seen as idealistic. Here’s why.

We justify or to say declare an act of justice be done in order to validate our emotional response to any given situation. We hold on to the emotion until the justice we seek is done. We have determined justice must be served in order to justify the emotional attachment.

As a negotiator or unbiased arbitrator over seeing negotiations an Empath can suck the emotion out of the discussion and infuse it with their peace and clarity of mind. They will sense any and all deception in the room and keep the negotiations honest and maintain and level playing field.

There are 1 out of every ten people that can do this.

These 1 out of 10 can also clear up miscommunication due to a lack of understanding and translate intent in the event of poor word choice. It happens.

1 out 10 people on this planet right now are born healers. It is frequent that Empaths go into healthcare or a service industry of some sort. Empaths who take up Reiki are often astonished by their early results with little or no formal training. Here’s why.

Reiki literally means vital soul energy. That’s it.

Soul energy is dense emotional energy with a conscious self awareness. Empaths instinctively teach themselves how to use this energy for all manners of healing.

1 out of every 10 people are Empaths however not all Empaths are the same. There are various levels of sensitivity and awareness that goes with it.

The Sage: Those people who just seem to know stuff and they can’t even tell you how they know however they always happen to be right.

The Chameleon: Such experts at mirroring what is around them it is almost as if they wear your personality for a bit. Think of it from the perspective that what we attach emotion to is part of how we build our personality or identity. The Chameleon will often have people never sure about who they are really dealing with almost sensing that the mirror is often if not always active.

The Physical Empath: These people take on the physical pain form others to give them relief. It is possible that some people who suffer from Fibromyalgia are actually Physical Empaths. A Physical Empath will also give their physical energy to those around them.

The Beast Master: Animals use emotional conceptual communication just like we do. It’s easy for some Empaths to understand and communicate with animals.

The Tree Hugger: Soul energy and emotional energy are the same and Animism states everything has a soul. Some Empaths are able to communicate with all manner of plant life. This is why I say Vegans are murderers too.

The Earth Whisperer: They predict earthquakes and other natural disasters with startling accuracy. These Empaths are finally tuned in to Mother Earth.

The Psychometrist: Has such a high sensitivity that these people can read layers deep through residual energy of any object or photo. They can give you a good idea what happened somewhere based on the energy left behind.

Precog: The advanced warning system. Sometimes it comes in dreams, sometimes with waking visions and other times it is the emotion only which leaves nothing but guess work as to what the event is.

Mediums and Ghost Whisperers: A Medium will channel and a Ghost whisperer will not and both have a sensitivity to free floating soul forms.

The Telepath: The Telepath is in the subconscious mind and is way ahead of where you think you are. They know what you’re planning before you tell yourself what you are planning. The idea of trying to lie to a Telepath is laughable. They know your intent no matter how good the lie is. They can also pull the truth right out of your mind and speak it.

It is often that an Empath will possess more than one of these skills and some of the 1 out 10 do all 10.

700 million people who can do at least 2 or 3 things on this list. 10% of the population.

I’ve already blamed evolution for creating 1 out of 10 people who represent as Empath. It’s genetic. Look at our history and see it littered with violence for every reason.

In nature we will see animals adapt to survive through evolutionary changes physically and at times in behavior. On the everything is a species of life scale we are no different.

1 out of 10 of us has a natural neutral first response before the fight or flight response is engaged. It’s that extra second to see what happens next or decide to ask for clarification before making a rash decision based on limited information in the moment. It’s a natural instinct to assess in the moment and respond versus react at the instinctual level.

1 out of 10 of us has an intent towards peace gained through understanding the whole of the situation. No one taught us to do it, we are simply born with this as our internal guiding light. If the species evolves to become more like this it reduces the probability for frequency of violence.

If a species evolves to resist authority and embrace leadership they become highly resistant to subjugation through propaganda also known as marketing. When a species evolves to the point where they can feel the harm they inflict they tend to auto correct their behavior with less need of external guidance or rules. 1 out of 10 of us already live this way and have since birth.

700 million humans already fit the bill.

The cognitive function also must advance in order to manage the amount of information being translated at the conscious level. The heighten conscious awareness needs the high level of intellect or it would leave the human in a catatonic state of neural overload.

It is with this evolution of intellect that the true value of peace and collaboration is not an idea, to them it’s a foregone conclusion as the only true solution.

As the generations get closer to the 1 out of every 10 versions of human on the planet we can see the change in attitude in the Millennials.

In one of my favorite New Age metaphors they call the Millennials the Indigo Children. Many children today would be called Rainbows. The Indigo Children are supposed to change the world for the Rainbow Children.

In the really real world this is nothing more than a metaphor for evolution that has been romanticized for marketing purposes.

Emotional and thought energy has no mass and therefore is not effected by gravity. That means that distance has no relevance as travel of emotional or thought energy is instantaneous.


What if emotional energy and gravity worked in similar ways?

What if 1 out of 10 people simply have a stronger emotional gravity core acting as an emotional singularity?

What if the soul is emotional energy and this advancements allows the soul to be taking in more life force energy from everything around us in various forms and transforms it within in us to radiate pure love energy around us to all that would need it?

Think of it as an emotional energy recycling system. A system that is based on life force energy that would naturally lead to an evolutionary advancement extending the length of ones life. Always taking in energy to replace that which is given.

1 out of 10 people are basically recycling generators of life force energy.

That’s the simplest scientific inhuman description of what is an Empath.


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