Managing in difficult situations for an Empath

I have been mentoring Empaths for several years. I work with them at developing techniques for managing their ability to take on the emotions of others and wear them as their own.

It’s what an Empath does and it can make life difficult at times just to get through the day.

For an Empath intent is crucial in managing your energy and your natural born ability. The intent you set with your energy can and will effect the nature of how your day flows.

One of the most difficult situations for any Empath is when they are in crowds or stuck inside somewhere and there are more than one human being present with repressed or suppressed emotions. Every Empath I have ever spoken to (Thousands) has said the same thing about social situation indoors.

“Everyone is having a good time and I don’t know whether to kill them all or cry non stop.”

I’m committed to a life of non violence as a Pacifist and I often have to take a minute when I start feeling angry and ask myself “Is this mine?”

I have noticed anytime thoughts of violence arise, I can look around at who is in the room and often know who it is that harbors these desires to lash out physically. It then becomes an internal conflict to right myself and center myself and be less impacted by the situation. I often find once I get outside and away from the human being who is repressing or suppressing these violent desires, I feel fine for the most part and I am able to shake off what was never mine to begin with.

If an Empath does not remove themselves from the environment there is potential to lose that inner conflict and have those emotions fill you and be projected through your behavior that most people would find to be uncharacteristic for you.

Here’s a tip I use in setting my intent before I go out anywhere.

Where am I going and why?

I use my born ability to reach out from within to check the situation ahead of time by taking an emotional read. A blind feeling of what I could be walking into. You are going to get a median read of the overall and I find at times I get a read of individuals the universe is lining through synchronicity for us to engage.

It takes work to not let this advanced read create expectations and remain in the now. It takes work to let now unfold as it goes as it flows. These advanced readings are a mix and that means there is a lot of wiggle room.

If I am going to the store I set my intent to get in and out with as little interaction as possible. If I have the opportunity to assist someone while I am out, I will, however I deserve a break as much as any of us. People will approach an Empath and not even understand why they are doing it at the conscious level. They are being unconsciously guided to the Empath.

When I got out on Friday nights for my community service night I am very clear with the intents I set to align my energy for the night and leave the rest of my life behind for the night. I am not going out for me, I am going out for whoever needs what I provide and I have no control over who might walk up to give me 5 minutes of their time.

I always set an intent to avoid violence if at all possible.

I set my intent to be of service to those with a true need.

I set my intent to transmute any emotional energy I take on into pure healing love energy and let that be what flows through me and from me.

Even with the precautions I take, I find at times I have to walk away from the crowd for a minute or 5 and check myself with what I am feeling.

Remember being an Empath is nothing more than a genetic evolution and over the next 20 years the numbers are going to increase exponentially as the evolution of our species continues.

Empaths are not aliens, Empaths are not angels, Empaths are not a spiritual warriors with a mission handed to them by God, Empaths are not gods, Empaths are genetically evolved human beings.

If you are an Empath or not sure but this article has you asking the question, please feel free to contact me and I am happy to be of service.


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