Is being nice instead of honest the obstacle in the way of progress?

What is authority?

In concept it’s when one is given or assigns oneself to a position to rule over others and or enforce rules in a variety of possible ways.

Authority in concept is about wielding power over others.

Authority in concept is the right to abuse anyone who objects to the authority

Does anyone have the right to wield power over anyone else?.

Once one has become recognized as authority one by the nature of being an authority must fight those who oppose their authority and authoritative stance or ideals that they profess as the authority.

To allow oneself to become an authority on a subject is to say one can not be challenged in any way shape form or fashion.

How could this possibly become an obstacle in the way of progress?

There are more than a few in the academic community who are shunned by the academic authorities for saying that the Theory of Relativity is wrong based on the fact that light particles have mass and therefore the strongest force of connected gravity can change the speed at which those particles move.

Or to say the assertion that light speed is fixed is false and the speed of light is actually variable.

Why does this happen?

It happens so that those who dedicated their life to becoming an authority based on Einstein’s work are now no longer the authority and their perceived power and control over the academic community is threatened.

In order to retain their authority they must have those who don not agree shunned and their character assassinated if at all possible in order to keep others from following suit which will kill their authority.

Does this create an obstacle for progress?

How could it not?

A theory is good until it can be proven wrong and then it must be abandon in order to make progress and go in new directions that allow new theories to be proven as true.

When it comes to throwing opinions back and forth in exploration at some point one must admit facts exist when they are met with them or they are choosing to live in a delusional state that is harmful for society as a whole.

To get into the exploration and deny truth as it is discovered is the act of a cowardly child who desires to have their opinion mean more than the truth and this is what is called delusional behavior driven by a narcissistic need to have the truth be their own personal thing.

There is nothing healthy about this behavior.

Truth crushes opinion as it should so that learning and growth can take place.

Truth is not built through opinion, it is discovered in proving the opinion right or wrong and this is a simple fact of life no matter how unpleasant anyone finds it.

The most dangerous thing we do in any discussion face to face, online, any discussion is to validate an opinion in order to be nice instead of correcting the opinion with the simple truth should it be known.

How this creates obstacles is that it allows for the opinion to have greater weight than the truth and progress is retarded instead of made. The growth and learning of the one who is receiving the nicety of being lied to instead of corrected is now stunted and it will be more difficult for them to accept the truth.

Now this person feels validated in their opinion they will become defensive and use the history of having their opinion validated instead of corrected as truth. This one will now experience emotional distress when faced with the truth and one will inflict harm on those who attempt to tell them the truth as they reject it in  myriad of ways.

This is why I say I am nice until it is time to be kind, you know honest.

Being nice can often lead to long suffering even though the intent is to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, all one has done is set them up for greater pain and allowed them to live in ignorance of their own suffering and the suffering they spread.

In a recent discussion someone told me there is no absolute truth.

This is a delusional statement based in fear of being wrong and losing one’s status in the eyes of others. This is delusional thinking at it’s finest. This can lead to developing a narcissistic view that says anyone declaring that truth exists is the enemy and must be stopped from assaulting people with the truth because there is no truth in their eyes.

This is the behavior that is the obstacle to progress.


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