Why relationships must be fluid or they are destined to fail

I found myself in a discussion about being concrete or cementing relationships. Here’ why that is setting yourself up for failure.

The human is a emotional creature and emotion flows and never sets still. In relationships whether they are business or personal require flexibility and fluidity.

This is why we often ask “Why can’t you go with the flow?”

Often a question asked to someone who has hardened and closed their mind to what is before them.

When working with clients as a consultant or one on one for self development the term flow comes up frequently.

Let’s use beBee as an example.

The flow of your feed is quite fluid based on many factors that move things about and your passion. You make an investment of your time that is always flowing forward and at times a buzz can elicit an emotional response.

At times when we read the buzzes of others we become emotional because we are emotional creatures.

Now onto the Air Force.

I was a Combat Communications guy and there was an offshoot of this called Tactical Communications.

Their job was to be able to flow with the front line as it moved. This mean they had to be at the ready at all times as combat goes on to move themselves and their equipment with the flow of combat.

Now onto managing a call center.

Our traffic or call flow required we be fluid with our management of that traffic as we could not turn the flow of incoming calls off. At times this meant asking for flexibility with the front line people to stay and work overtime or at times go home early due to a lack of call flow.

We trained our representatives to have a flow to their calls. In the medical insurance game of United Healthcare it mean training them to extend empathy with the customer and that meant at times moving at with the customers flow.

Now onto nature.

The seasons flow into each other.

Everything is existence has a flow and nothing ever exists in a state of stasis no matter how still it appears.

Change is existence and existence is change. To resist the flow is to resist the very nature of existence.

Consciousness flows in streams of thoughts.

Now onto friendship.

Our friends to tend be the ones we flow best with in various areas of life where we share passions A.K.A interests.

We work with our friend to understand the emotion flowing from them at times and that requires us to be fluid in the moment to adjust to be a better friend and give what is needed.

When we become rigid in our thinking or representation of self we often alienate people.

Now onto romantic relationships.

We flow as one in the sexual embrace when we surrender our hearts and souls to our partner.

We tend to couple off with the one who brings the best flow of emotions from us that we call being happy or content. The one we can let go and flow with without needing any structure to define it. We just flow well with this one.

In all of these examples anytime we meet with something that has become rigid or hardened it fucks up our flow as we are flowing creatures. It’s why we respond to music so well as feel it flowing through us and sometimes inspiring us to get up and dance.

The essence of the Reiki work I do with clients is all about opening their flow of energy and assisting them in balancing that flow better.

With businesses I consult with it is all about creating a better flow for their business that has less stoppage in productivity.

Everything is all about creating better flows and remaining fluid in the moment to adjust to maintain the flow we desire.

This just happens to be how it actually works no matter how much some people want to be rigid in their thinking attempting to control life when in reality everything is out of control and control is an illusion that creates delusional thinking.

Any questions or thoughts on flow?


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