Why is the road to hell paved with good intentions?

Let’s stop and think about it.

I look back at the white lies I told out of the good intent to spare someone’s feelings and what I found out later was that it actually hurt them a lot more in the long run.

It’s why I feel that anything less than being honest is creating suffering or enabling suffering to continue.

We hurt the ones we love with the truth to get them to stop hurting themselves and/or other people.

The pain of the truth is temporary and ends rather quickly while the suffering of deceit never ends until the truth is revealed and the deception comes to an end.

This is why I always say “I am nice until it’s time to be kind, you know, honest.”

There is no kindness in lies.

There is no compassion in lies and we often will tell that white lie to avoid dealing with the reaction we think or feel we are going to get out of fear.

Their is no mercy in lies.

Their is no love for another in lies.

If you feel the need to bend the truth to accomplish a goal why?

If you feel you can’t get it done with the truth why?

Have you ever called someone negative for being honest?

Why did you do it?

The hardest part people have after their awakening is often they are called negative because they can no longer stomach deception in any form. Part of the awakening process is shedding oneself of all deception and embracing being honest in every expression of self.

Is anyone entitled to get away with lying?


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