What is the Essence of the condition of being Human?

To answer this one question we must also answer the question of what was the essence that preceded the existence of our current Universe.

For lack of a better word, God is that essence that preceded the existence we know now. The essence that was God made itself into matter with all the encoding for what we know as existence. This is the only explanation that makes sense and would also mean that God is in everything.

The reason mathematically we have such a difficult time proving anything is due to organized chaos. Not total chaos, however a structure that allows for our own free will in creating the shared reality we call life.

In order for there to be any order within the chaos there must be set parameters that keep existence from unmaking itself. This cannot have simply happened on accident. It is evidence that God is the universe and we are part of that God that uses us to figure out what it made and what to do about it.

Outside of these bodies we are nothing more than emotional energy with self-awareness.

The Essence of the condition of being Human is forgetting all that to explore what God created in a way that can only be done by doing what we do here.

Or to say forget about going on a quest to be more spiritual and realize you are a spirit who came here to learn how to be human. A journey that incorporates a system that is much simpler than we would like to believe because it reveals how much power we have over our lives.

I have always been a big fan of using elementary deductive reasoning. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever is left no matter how improbable must be true.

It doesn’t matter if a machine or mathematical equation can substantiate it. We have the ability to reason for a reason.

Philosophy and physics are one in the same.

We are made of emotional energy and give ourselves a total wipe and allow the emotional imprints of the totality of our parents emotional selves at the time of conception begin the emotional imprint for who will be.

Gravity connects all things.

At the center of the Universe is a super massive singularity or black hole. It works on a vortex.

At the center of our galaxy is a massive singularity that works on a vortex.

At the center of the smallest subatomic particle is a gyre or a subatomic black hole that works on a vortex.

Forget size and realize it does not matter and only has value due to the limited senses we have in this form called human.

Within the center of the gyre is a consciousness that understands what particle it is creating and communicates with the other gyres to align to create what we call matter. A projection of energy given form based on set parameters yet with an element of chaos.

That element of chaos is what allows for diversity in all things. Think of it as an evolving algorithm with set tolerances and every variable is variable and in a constant state of change.

Our emotional imprint meets with matter and DNA programming begins. The cipher lock that will unlock our full potential begins to form in the DNA strands themselves. As an energetic lock there is no physical science that can match simply becoming the necessary behavioral version of you that unlocks the full potential and the lock begins being built by who your parents were.

This is the short version of what the essence of the condition of being human is.

While there are others who will go on and one about aspects of self or shadow selves or any number of things that in order for them to hold true deems you must follow their system must be false due to the existence of organized chaos to keep all from becoming the same.

Or to say the only way to truly do it is to let you guide you through you and every journey while having some experiences that are similar is different and no two journeys should ever be the same or organized chaos and free will do not exist. To imply that anyone of us is capable of providing “Thee” path is an extreme form of narcissism bordering on the level of a God Complex.

We all see the same truths in life yet we all see and experience them differently based on our choices in who make ourselves to become through the way we speak. Our words carry emotion behind them and that emotion will bounce back at some point.

Altering ones behavior really is as simple as improving yourself talk and being aware of every word you say and the power it has to come back and slap you upside the head.

Our essence is always creating our existence and that is the essence of the condition of being human.


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