The Mantra of the moment

Doing what I do in the lives of my clients presents a challenge to me in how I view myself and my dedication to my own individualism.

The challenge is this.

Let each client get a different set of mantras and what not that best suits who they are and avoid the confines of conformity in using the same material over and over.

For me it gets boring to simply give each person the same canned speech or set of mantras and other tools I provide my clients with for managing their life better without needing me or anyone else. I cherish my being an individual and part of what I assist my clients with is becoming more at home with and embracing the individual they are. To me the greatest disservice I could do for one of my clients is to give them something everyone else gets and make clones out of them all.

I have said often that i see even my own material as a jumping off point for finding new ways of expressing it and simplifying the expression to reach a larger audience. I would be acting as a great fool to rely on them having the same education or years of study I have.

What I find disturbing in the personal growth arena is the trend to create your own set of whatever and teach that to people making them clones of your system. Creating your tribe so to speak and deeming yourself the head of the tribe. I thought about doing this and every time I could not avoid feeling as though I was taking on narcissistic behavior and encouraging that through my example to my clients and friends and the world at large and most importantly, my son.

When I created The Martial Art of Thought Protection through Right Action I set a very clear intent for myself.

Create something that does not require any one to follow me to use.

Create something that encourages individualism yet provide a loose structure of behavior most would agree is healthy for the sum and the individual alike.

Create something that acknowledges the importance of faith in ones life without preaching any particular brand of it.

With clients I have often found the mantras are developed as we work together so that it is something personal to them and easier for them to remember to use.

The Mantra I use frequently is “Mine is to reveal not to preach.”

A Shaman is a teacher not a preacher.

A Shaman understands that everything we need to know we already know and it is through experience this is revealed.

A Shaman reveals what lay behind the veil not a preacher of the veil.

A Mantra can be anything in the fewest words it takes to set your intent that guides your behavior.

What Mantra do you have for yourself for what you are living now?


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