The Awakened Soul and you

I have mentioned the Awakened soul several times. Let’s dive a little deeper into what that means. There are conversations that I can only have with other awakened souls as to most people it makes no sense and is often seen as crazy talk because it goes against everything in a book somewhere.

It could be religious text or a text book, both are dogma and metaphysics. Metaphysics is any attempt to explain life the universe and most things. It’s a metaphorical way of explaining the physical existence we all share. That’s the summed up version of what metaphysics actually is.

All language is metaphorical and the words we use only have meaning because we all agreed to the same lie. On another planet a star might not be called a star. Gravity may have another name.

All language is metaphorically describing the world around us.

That meas that everything and every area of study is metaphysics.

An awakened soul would never argue that point or be upset by it in the least.

On the path to awakening before you reach the awakened life you will think you are God or a god of some sort and endure the God Complex. The only way around it is to have a guide who can check you before you wreck you. I personally have met people on the path who at the time professed to be:

A Genie or Djinn.

The universes supreme being.

The King of our world.

The Goddess Nyx

The Norse God Loki

I thought I was the Devil for a while.

Actually I couldn’t make up mind between God and the Devil.

You can not reach the awakened state with out this type of questioning of your being and the power each of us has to create in this existence. Only God could shoulder that responsibility is what most people who have never walked the path think. I thought that way once upon a time.

Then I started noticing things. Then I could see it all. All of existence laid before me from where this universe began to the infinite that this universe was created to be. I felt the only way I could see this much and understand what it all is and how it works together was that I had to be a deity of some kind. I was wrong, so very wrong.

In reality what happened and what happens is we tap into what some call God Consciousness and it is something any can tap into. It doesn’t mean that one now knows everything it means one now can understand anything and see pass the illusions and see things as they really are with clarity.

Attempting to lie to an awakened soul is virtually impossible. They see through it to your true intent.

Let me crystal clear on this point.

There is no workshop or book that can teach you or guide you to the awakened life and anyone who thinks they have that workshop or book is not an awakened soul. That’s not an opinion, it is a statement of fact. Here’s why.

The path to becoming an awakened soul is a personal journey of realization and understanding. The journey of another is not your journey. Giving you the steps of my journey would do nothing to guide you on yours. The best I could ever do is be there to talk to while on your journey to assist you in better understanding what it is that you are awakening to in yourself and seeing in existence.

True wisdom knows that only the wise will listen to words as they are spoken in conversation and only a fool would think they could get it from a book.

A fool and his money are easily parted.

There is a reason for this old line, it’s true.

An awakened soul never takes advantage of the fool. That is what writing these books claiming to have the wisdom to set you free are, people attempting to take advantage of the ignorance of other people. That’s what these workshops and weekend seminars are, attempts to fool people into thinking they can pay for the wisdom and the growth that only takes place in daily life.

An awakened soul will tell you life is messy and you will be sad and angry and experience the full spectrum of emotions. Love has infinite expressions. Living love is what it means to live as an awakened soul.


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