Psychospirilosophy The Martial Art of Thought and Protection through Right Action

This is the core of what I use for lecture and covers a bulk of my life’s work summed up into one presentation. If you can find the holes, could you point them out to me so I can plug them. Thank you.

1. Be self-aware and vigilant in your awareness.

    1.1. Being aware of yourself includes being aware of the location you find yourself in and what is going on around you.

    1.2. Being Vigilant in your awareness means to not dull senses less you know the location to be safe for recreation.

The best defense in life one has to avoid harm is to be aware of one’s surroundings and oneself and the effect the surroundings are having on one.

What makes one think a bar is a safe environment to dull ones senses?

What makes one think any public location is a safe place to dull ones senses?

When ones senses are dulled the possibility of harm self-inflicted or inadvertently inflicted upon another increases exponentially with the number of ones in a similar state. Emotional harm often is far more long lasting in the suffering experienced than physical harm.

If one is to live up to one’s potential and feel safe in life, one need not tempt fate to teach one a lesson. It is good to take the time to assess the activities and take precautions to avoid harm and yet still have fun and dull senses as desired for recreation. It is good to have other ones that one is going to the location with. It is good to leave with the ones you came with. If one decides to leave with another it is good for one to make sure the ones one came with are aware of what one is doing.

This shared awareness increases safety and security in awareness.

One is responsible for ones decisions regardless the senses be dulled or sharp as a tack.

Protection through right action means to do the things one understands reduce the possibility of harm coming to one or one inflicting inadvertent harm. One will truly reap what one sows and when one is careless in sowing the reaping has a way of providing results that encourage one to make different choices in how one sows in order to change what one reaps.

2. Keep thyself healed.

    2.1. The greatest enemy is our own pain and suffering. It distorts our view of self and others as a result.

    2.2. If one is not healed one cannot be at ones full potential.

    2.3. When one is healed one has an easier time in read and recognition of a situation and can better assess oneself and how one can best represent oneself in any given location or situation.

   2.4. As long as conflict exists within there is healing to be done within one.

   2.5. Anger is conflict looking for battle to bring an end to the conflict within by seeking the outer fight.

   2.6. When one is healed there is no conflict within and thus no battle to ever be sought.

Pain can cause one to feel weak, while rage can make one feel strong and it is why one often covers ones pain in anger. While anger does serve a purpose and one is allowed to get angry, one should always check oneself and understand why one is getting angry before ever deciding to do something about it.

One will often find tracking the source of the anger inward will show one was hurt. Resolving the hurt often leads to resolving the conflict and anger is not needed. When one seeks to keep one from feeling inwardly conflicted one will always seek to keep thyself healed. One will avoid seeking outer conflict to resolve the inner issue when one seeks to resolve all conflict within oneself so that one can be at ones potential among other ones.

One is always encouraged to take time in solitude to seek inner counsel before seeking outer counsel to resolve pain and keep thyself healed.

If one has no conflict within there is nothing to protect oneself from in one’s behavior. Keeping one healed reduces the possibility that one will inadvertently put oneself in harm’s way or cause inadvertent harm. The right action of self-healing increases the protection one’s life gives one simply by being one.

3. Patience exercised is patience cultivated.

    3.1. It is the patient mind that walks through the steps and makes sure to prepare for each action as if each was the only action involved in the process.

   3.2. In this exercise one learns the value of taking the time to do things right and misses the challenge of having to start over due to missing a step in the process due to impatience.

   3.3. Being patient in action forces one to be patient in thought and allows one to see the great rewards that are possible when a patient mind is the norm.

More often than not the opposite of patience is wrath. One becomes angry because things are not happening at the rate that one would prefer.

When things are not moving the first thing one need do is step back and look at one and everything around the situation that has one feeling as though things should be moving with a quickness.

Each and everything thing one does produces a result and it is in the results that show if patience was exercised. When one is diligent in patience in ones work one produces much higher quality in the results of one’s actions. When one is focused on producing quality in result of ones actions it produces higher quality in ones thoughts.

One’s words spoken sow within one as well as other ones. One’s actions sow seeds within one as well as other ones. Patience allows for better sowing so that one may reap better.

4. Take time in solitude to run the layers with the mirror turned inward and see what they saw and feel what they felt.

     4.1. One will never catch everything in the moment at the conscious level and time in review will help one better assess what was achieved and if there are any further growth opportunities or understandings to be found.

    4.2. Look at one from outside oneself in order to get a better view for periods of inner reflection.

Even when one reaches the Awakened/Enlightened state the conscious mind will always have interpretation limits. The amount that can be totally understood in the moment is often small compared to what the moment had to offer. One should look back at the recent events of one’s life with the intent of finding growth opportunities that allow one to find wisdom in refining ones projection in times of solitude.

When one reaches the Awakened/Enlightened state one often keeps the mirror turned inward to reflect on what is going on in front of one to see how one can best serve with one’s presence.

5. Seek growth and understanding and have faith all else will align in ones favor.

     5.1. One will always find what one seeks in some form or fashion.

     5.2. Know that growth often comes from challenging situations in life and be prepared to have ones inner strength revealed through adversity on occasion.

     5.3. Faith is not faith until it is all one is holding onto.

     5.4. When ones faith is tested it is strengthened or destroyed there is no middle ground.

The Universe conspires with one based on one’s true intent not what one thinks sounds good. One will meet reflections of what one is projecting and if the reflections seem confusing and distorted, it is due to one’s own confusion and distortion in projection.

Strength is not built, it is revealed in life when one overcomes adversity and obstacles.

Faith is a powerful thing when ones faith is built on experience and not blind. When one’s faith is all one is holding onto one is forced to walk the talk of that faith or be destroyed by it.

If one does not walk the talk of one’s faith one is a hypocrite and one’s faith is weak and can easily be destroyed and will never be strong.

One’s life results will tell one if one has placed ones faith wisely or foolishly. If one does not like the results one might want to look at what one is putting ones faith in. One might want to look at whether or not one truly walks one’s talk.

Expect reflections to be direct in calling one out for not walking one’s talk and challenging one’s faith. When one is not walking one’s talk it creates conflict within and one will find opportunity to confront that inner conflict through the reflections that keep popping up in one’s life. Faith is built on the results of the walk not the talk.

6. Work ones process.

     6.1. Know ones best steps for inner conflict resolution.

     6.2. Know ones process for self-healing.

     6.3. Own ones decisions and one’s responsibility to oneself to reach ones full potential.

One develops over time a process for dealing with inner conflict whether one is aware of it or not. One will not always be able to resolve conflict without confrontation. It is how one decides to confront in the outer world to resolve the conflict that defines one’s character in the eyes of other ones.

How other ones see one is who one is from the other one’s perspective. What one shows leaves the story that will be told of one.

Healing can only be done when conflict is resolved within. As long as the conflict remains one is not completely healed or has become wounded once more. One will always face new pains and the wounds they create.

The basic concept of self-healing is for one to find a view that explains the situation to one that allows one to change the emotion attached to the situation. This requires an empathetic understanding of other ones involved in the situation that has created pain.

Did the other one intend to do harm?

If one was the other one would one have known harm had been inflicted based on ones reaction in the moment?

Every issue in life is a unique situation no matter how similar it might look to past events. Never allow one to think one has seen this before and jump ahead in resolution.

If one feels one’s process is not working during periods of inner counsel, seek outer counsel to assist in clearing up ones view.

7. You are your power.

     7.1. One is as unique as one is similar and each one has unique power no matter how similar that power is to another.

     7.2. One is ones power and one’s power is wielded in every thought and action.

     7.3. One is great power given form and if one does not own ones power it will be wielded by others against one.

Who one is, is the definition of one’s power in living. One is refining and changing what ones power is based on the choices one makes in life. That power is the expression of self also known as the ego or ones identity.

One’s ego is one’s power.

Without ego one is a powerless slave to all ones.

Ego and identity are the same thing and required for one care to for oneself.

One’s power is as individual as one is in expression of oneself through emotional attachment which builds ones identity or ego expression of self.

Power is not about being powerful and dominating with one’s power.

One who seeks to wield power over others will have issues in life repeatedly. How one wields one’s power is part of one’s story as it is told by other ones. One’s story told by other ones will impact one’s life regardless of accuracy.

Protection through right action can only be achieved when one is intent on healing oneself and works one’s process in diligent effort and application of one’s process to reach and maintain ones full potential. If one seeks retribution of harm done one is not healed and is creating a cycle of harm in living.

Protection through right action allows for other ones to make mistakes as well as one and find forgiveness from self even if never received from others. Forgiveness of self only works if one acknowledges one inflicted harm. Forgiveness of others only works when one truly lets it go.

When one owns one’s power, one understands the impact one can make in the life of another one in any moment shared.

If one doesn’t take time to see how to wield one’s power best or is afraid of using one’s power other ones will sense if not see this and take one’s power and use it against one to attempt to control one.

8. If you teach your power or share, change your power.

    8.1. At times examples of one’s power must be given to give instruction to another and one can always refine ones power to keep from having it used against one.

When one teaches and/shares what one’s power is, one also teaches and/or shares one’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

One who is healthy of mind body and spirit never seeks to make clones of one and one will refine one’s power or expression of self as needed to retain ones sense of individualism.

Not all ones will have the integrity one does and might decide to use what one shares to attempt to control one. One should not be in a state of expecting this to happen and one should choose wisely who one teaches and/or shares one’s power with.

Protection through right action is about one owning all aspects of one and one’s life. It is about self-discipline in thought and action in wielding the power one is.

Patience creates self-discipline.

When one is able to discipline oneself without need of other ones to point it out to one, one has mastered oneself and needs little to no protection in life. One’s life and the way one represents oneself gives no other ones cause to inflict harm on one and one avoids putting oneself in harm’s way.

The power of protecting one’s life begins and ends in the choices one makes in who one is.

9. What could go right?

     9.1. The only question one need to ask when facing a decision.

     9.2. Anything less is a fear based decision on ones part in hopes to avoid what one thinks could go wrong.

     9.3. Setting the intent for what can go right allows one to have those things become probabilities instead of possibilities for one’s life.

One not need be overly optimistic however the beginning of being pragmatic allows one to ask this question. When one sets the intent from within for looking for the options that can assist one in moving forward, one will move forward. When one allows fear of what could go wrong be a part of the intent, one slows one’s progress and one can begin to feel stuck.

Intent creates one’s thoughts and actions. When one sets the intent to do it right and looks for those options, one finds them easily enough. At times what can go right for one is to drop the influence of one or more other ones in order to propel one forward. One must not fear walking any length of life alone.

10. Observe Karmic Law in thought process.

       10.1. It’s how existence works

One will always reap what one has sown. In this to attain one’s desire one must become that desire. One’s projected self must match the life one wishes to live.

One is connected to all ones and each one is a mirror reflection for one another. In order to change the mirrors one must change from within. One cannot attract other ones, one can only become a projection that allows other ones to reflect one back to oneself.

This is the Law of Reflection.

Faith without works is a fools quest at cheating existence.

When one toils towards ones goal with patience and faith, one is persistent and ones sowing yields a greater reaping.

One understands that all that exists is here and now. If one does not let go of the past one cannot move forward. Ones projection of self will always show what one is holding onto based on who and what the reflections remind one of.

One will repeat events until one makes changes within oneself showing one has learned one’s lesson. It is the patient mind that reaps the greatest reward understanding the greatest reward is one that makes the greatest impact in one’s life that allows one to be at one’s full potential.

11. Seek wisdom in all before you.

      11.1.The search of wisdom is to seek to understand.

      11.2. To seek knowledge alone is a fool’s quest that never ends or pays off.

If knowledge is power, wisdom is understanding. Wisdom understands which knowledge is applicable to one’s life and which knowledge to ignore as if it does not exist. When one seeks wisdom one seeks the simplest answer. Complexity is the small mind attempting to look wise. Simplicity is the key to unlocking wisdom and great understanding.

When one achieves understanding one sees the simplicity in all things.

This is the Enlightened view.

12. Be Meek.

       12.1. Power used as power is needed only.

One is great power given form and one’s power is not always needed.

The wise seek to be meek understanding it takes every type of power to create the shared reality that is best for the sum. One understands that the power that flows through one must be taken from other ones. All ones are connected and power cannot be increased in any other way.

When one is meek one does not seek power, one allows power to flow as power is needed. In this one can become absolutely powerful, however only if absolutely needed. To seek power corrupts the mind and creates disease within the soul. This will become manifest in the body.

Why does one need to be powerful right now?

What power would one seek and why?

Does the power one seeks serve one’s life alone or does it serve one to better serve the sum?

If one aims to serve the sum, one will be filled with power as needed and it will never need be sought by one. This is the essence of Protection through Right Action and Psychospirilosophy the Martial Art of Thought.

13. Be of service.

      13.1. See a need fill a need.

      13.2. See a need that one cannot fill and one can still bring attention to the need to ensure it gets taken care of.

As independent as one can be in thought all ones are interdependent on all other ones to live.

It is a shared reality and all ones share a responsibility to self to be of service to the needs around them.

One serves one’s own needs when one serves the needs of another. One does not seek to give into every want of other ones, one seeks to meet the needs one is capable of meeting for other ones. Needs one cannot do anything about one still usually has a good idea of who to tell or what direction to point another one in.

To turn a blind eye to the needs of another is to allow other ones to ignore the needs of one.

14. Be patient in achieving understanding what need that you can best serve with your presence.

       14.1. One is not always the one to be in action or speech and at times it is best for one to observe and take it in.

       14.2. When one is focused on observation one has more to study and learn from in solitude later.

       14.3. In patience one can better assess if words and/or action from one will enhance or detract from the experience the other ones are sharing with one.

      14.4. One is part of the shared experience with the other ones and each one has a role to play in each now shared experience.

      14.5. A patient mind that is patient to speak or act is often welcomed to many shared experiences that promote ones growth among other ones.

      14.6. Even alone ones words and actions have impact on other ones and the shared reality shared by all ones.

To be better able to identify between need and want, one often must take time to listen and ask questions. This will reveal the true need and how it can best be served by one. At times what is needed is for one to simply listen and acknowledge. When one starts to see memories from one’s life as the other one speaks, this shows one understands what the other one is going through.

What did one need then?

It takes deliberate patience to allow other ones to explain and to ask clarifying questions to ensure one understands what one is being told. When things are unclear one asks questions to find clarity. At times it is lack of clarity that has caused the other one to be in need. At times asking questions can help the other one figure it out.

One sums up what one has heard to check understanding and give acknowledgement.

In listening one better prepares oneself to be what is needed by the other one/s.

A patient mind seeks the most compassionate way to give ones honest feelings and insights. One who lies or says nothing does so in cowardice.

All ones are connected and all ones will be affected by all ones.

It is a shared reality this is an unavoidable fact of life.

Since all ones are connected, one will have impact on ones that one will never meet. This fact must be acknowledged and embraced if one is to truly live a life that offers one any protection from harm.

Pain filled life experience will happen in one’s life until one learns this simple truth.

15. Self-discipline builds patience.

       15.1. If one requires discipline for any source other than one, one has failed to reach ones potential and is often in need of healing.

       15.2. When one is self-disciplined in all areas one is less careless and less likely to inadvertently cause harm to oneself or another one.

One who does not discipline oneself will experience much pain in life and inflict much harm.

If one does not manage oneself to be at optimum in social engagement the probability that one will cause harm is high. One’s self-discipline allows one to enjoy recreational activities and dulling of the senses based on understanding the potential harm and preparing for the event accordingly.

If one refuses to manage oneself one is asking other ones to put up with one and will have trouble finding ones who will.

When one is in need of healing one will often act out to bring attention to oneself and one’s need. One may not be aware one is acting out. This is when one needs another one to say something to one so that one may reengage one’s self-discipline.

One is human and will have moments when the idea of self-discipline becomes a foreign concept. This is OK. One is allowed and even encouraged to engage in periods of indulgence that are occasional and not habitual. It is in habitual loss of self-discipline that one often does the greatest harm to oneself and to other ones.

16. To not make oneself into ones full potential is a failure to serve the sum.

       16.1. One’s life is ones gift to all one encounters.

       16.2. One has the power to make a great impact in even the shortest of encounters and when one is at less than ones full potential the risks for harm being done to one or another one increase to probability instead of possibility even if one is asking what can go right.

One is not God’s gift to the world, one makes oneself a gift to the ones one interacts with by being at one’s full potential. That gift often goes unnoticed if one is doing it right.

One does not become one’s potential to show off, one does it to be of best service to the sum with what one is capable of. When one’s intent is to be of best service to the sum one will become one’s full potential.

There is no excuse for not living up to one’s potential. The only reason to not live up to one’s potential is fear. When one is at ones full potential one makes no excuse for one’s behavior. One does not issue harm as a manner of being and one does not treat others with the cruel intent of tearing them down. When one is not at ones full potential the probability of facing outer conflict to resolve the inner conflict one is ignoring is high.

Cynicism is the opposite of reaching ones potential and being of assistance to others ones reaching their potential.

Realism does not allow one to reach ones full potential only to accept what is.

Optimism is for fools and children who are the needed dreamers of the world.

Pragmatism uses a little of all three for one to allow one to find the wisest course of action and allows one to make changes for what will be while accepting what is.

It takes a pragmatic view to understand ones power and how one can wield the full potential of that power in service to the sum.

17. Negotiate all conflict and give warning to appropriate parties when it is seen by your eyes.

      17.1. Unless one serves in the function of protecting the populace from harm as a matter of civic duty and position in the community recognized by the community, report to those who serve that function and observe only.

      17.2.Interfere if no other course is available.

      17.3.Understand interference even with the best of intent can put one in greater harm’s way once the ones who serve the function of protecting the peace arrive until the situation is resolved.

      17.4.Say something even if one knows it will fall on deaf ears and then walk away.

      17.5. When one bears witness to one doing harm to oneself or another one to remain silent is to allow the act of harm being inflicted to be seen as acceptable in one’s eyes.

      17.6. When one says it once and walks away one plants a seed and who knows how many times that seed may need to be planted to grow.

One is not a superhero or a crime fighting vigilante if one desires to stay out of jail oneself. At times it is as easy as one telling a bouncer at a bar what one has seen.

18. Give to one as one receives and give to one to maximize what one is able to give of and from oneself without incurring harm to oneself.

      18.1. To be at full potential one must be able to care for oneself in order to be of best service to one’s life and other ones.

What are ones needs to be at optimum?

19. Never train with combat in mind.

      19.1. Train to make the body fit.

      19.2. When one trains with combat in mind one seeks to test oneself in combat and will find such tests.

When one engages in sparring one allows all who are seeing this activity to find ones holes. When one trains with combat in mind one is setting the intent to use the training one is putting oneself through. That intent will create opportunity. One who seeks combat does so out of insecurity. When one is secure in oneself one feels no need to validate oneself or ones skills. One trains without emotion to train muscle memory and for fitness and self-discipline.

20. Seek all routes to avoid combat however be prepared if it cannot be avoided to protect yourself and the innocent and weak.

      20.1. One’s intent creates ones thoughts and actions.

One can seek a life of peace and pacifism and still have violence enter one’s life and one has a responsibility to oneself to be able to defend oneself without weapons. When one trains with the intent of pacifism it allows one to be able to defend oneself absent the intent to test oneself.

21. Never enjoy combat.

      21.1. Anything one enjoys can be become addictive.

Addiction is unhealthy to one.

22. Never enjoy combat.

      22.1. Combat for any reason other than defense shows a total lack of maturity and is harmful to the sum.

All ones are connected and all harm one does harms all.

23. Never enjoy combat.

       23.1. Never should pleasure be taken from causing harm.

When one takes pleasure in causing harm one is not well and in need of counseling immediately.

24. Practice gratitude in speech and action.

       24.1. Giving thanks gives one more opportunities to find more in life to be grateful for.

       24.2.Remember to thank yourself for what you do to make sure you can give more and better of and from yourself.

       24.3. Self-care is the priority in any life as a lack of self-care requires one to be cared for.

       24.4. If one is to ever reach ones potential one must be able to care for oneself.

What one practices becomes instinct in one’s life. When one is in the habit of giving thanks as one finds things to be grateful for it sets one in the mindset to find these opportunities. What one seeks one will find in some form or fashion.

25. What could go right?

       25.1. Keeping ones options open does not mean one cannot eliminate options one works to avoid in life.

Psychospirilosophy the Martial Art of Thought is not about combat, it is about finding every way to avoid combat and to allow combat to be an option of self-defense or defending the weak and innocent in times when no other option is available and all other courses of action have failed.

One should always be grateful that one lives a life that keeps one from violence in action. Disagreements happen and violence in speech will happen, however it never has to degrade to physical violence.

One who lives with the idea of Pacifism cannot eliminate the possibility of violence coming to them anyway and should be prepared to defend oneself. To study self-defense and other Martial Arts is not an exercise in violence as most systems involve self-discipline and the concept that what one is taught is for self-defense only. To seek combat is frowned upon in true martial arts in general while exceptions do exist.

Protection through right action begins and ends with intent. If one has intent to find violence one is not protecting one’s life by the way one lives one’s life.

26. Extend empathy with a patient mind to be the reward that always reaps greatly.

       26.1. Empathy is to care as if it was one.

       26.2. When one let’s oneself see from the others view it creates understanding.

      26.3. Understanding is the wisdom you seek.

      26.4. The reward of growth and understanding is priceless.

Too often one will be tuned out by other ones and this is a lack of empathy or caring about one and why what one is saying is important to one. This behavior is rude, disrespectful and classless and inflicts harm.

When one takes a moment to see oneself as the other one it creates understanding of what the other one is attempting to convey. If one never attempts to see as the other one/s in one’s life one will find friction consistently in life and harm will be done by one and by others to one.

When one cares for another as oneself patience comes easier. If one does not care for another one as one cares for oneself patience will be difficult at best.

When one seeks to be ones full potential one understands the value of shared growth experiences. One seeks in life as a student who is humble in learning however not so humble as to forget that one has things to teach also.

What one will reap from patience and empathy is many priceless shared growth experiences and companionship that is always welcomed.

27. Choose doors to reopen with great care and a patient intent.

       27.1. Everything changes however it is not always a change that is good for one to be around.

      27.2. Giving others the opportunity to grow and re-enter one’s life is a gift one gives to oneself.

One closes door in life to protect one’s life and what one wants one’s life to be.

It is wise to hear out ones one has previously cut out of one’s life.

If one still feels one from one’s past is still not a good influence in one’s life, lock the door and deadbolt it.

At times the door takes one back to experiences that one once decided to leave behind and on occasion one may find as one has grown some experiences will be different and worth opening one’s life to.

28. Some doors are better never opened.

      28.1. In the mind each door in the dark is an exploration of possibility.

      28.2. Every choice in life for a new experience opens a new door.

The dark is as sacred as the light is divine. It is in the sacred dark one refines the light one shows the world.

Behind some doors are things one will do if the right opportunity presents itself.

Behind some doors are things one might think about however never do.

Behind some doors are the things one never even wants to think about as these things cause harm to one even in thought.

29. Never be afraid to take a peek of what’s on the other side to see if it might lead to something worth exploring.

      29.1. If you can peer through the keyhole before entering, do so to prepare yourself for what lay on the other side.

      29.2. Let yourself feel what’s there more than you see what might be there.

      29.3. If you can imagine what it might be like and you don’t like it, don’t open the fucking door.

It is good for one to contemplate the types of experiences one desires to have in life and understand why one desires those experiences. It is good for one to have a good idea of the experiences one desires to avoid in life so one can behave accordingly throughout life.

30. Do not put oneself in harm’s way without patient consideration of all other available options.

       30.1. The choice to take on harm should be the last resort.

If one steps up to defend others the probability of one being harmed in some form or fashion rises. Before stepping up to make oneself the target, make sure one has a good understanding of what one is defending other ones from.

31. Know you will endure harm in life however allow oneself to reflect inward and not mirror and project the damage taken.

      31.1. Shit happens and one will inadvertently place oneself in harm’s way.

      31.2. Learn from the experience and learn to avoid those situations to reduce putting oneself in harm’s way.

      31.3. Heal the harm one takes on or it will spread from one to harm others.

“Life is pain Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” The Princess Bride.

Even in writing this it is acknowledged that there is no way to eliminate harm from one’s life. One over time learns to deal with it and resolve it in healthy ways to avoid continuing the cycle. The most common harm one inflicts is the harm that was once inflicted on one. This happens when one does not heal from the harm done and instead one looks for retribution through continuance of the harmful behavior that one has decided is OK as the circumstances match up.

One’s who refuse to heal harm done to them often embraces cynicism.

Everything and everyone becomes the enemy to them and therefore they create a life that is designed for lashing out. This is the life of a cynic. Always looking for the next thing or one to tear down.

These are the trolls of the online world.

32. Seek the intent behind the words and actions to better understand words and actions.

      32.1. At times understanding the intent behind words and actions that cause harm can lead to healing.

      32.2. At times seeking the intent behind words and actions can keep harm from being done.

What one set of words means to one can have a different metaphorical meaning to other ones. Each one sees things slightly different to extremely different based on each one’s experience and level of conscious awareness. Exercising patience to better understand the personal metaphors of other ones can make communication easier.

33. Refine one’s projection based on location and proceed accordingly in thought and action.

      33.1. Does one need to stand out in this location and why?

      33.2. What is the benefit if one silently observes at this location?

      33.3. Why does one desire to bring ones presence to this location?

One should ask oneself is one is in search of validation or if one knows oneself to be valid. In understanding one’s answer to this question of validation one will find the understanding for the answers to the questions above. One in search of validation will never find that desire to be satiated until it can be satiated by one for oneself.

34. Build your faith into something you can tear down and re-establish at will.

      34.1. Anything built can be destroyed.

      34.2. Life will test ones faith endlessly.

      34.3. Sometimes the best defense of faith is to let it go.

      34.4. If one can choose to let go, one can choose to take hold once more.

      34.5. When faith becomes a matter of choice one can have faith in many things and many ones.

      34.6. Build faith based on ones understanding of one and one’s current location in life.

What one puts faith in is a personal choice of the one individual and should be made based on one’s experiences as an individual. Shared experiences can be faith building exercises however it can be damaging to one to only seek the group experience. One is often tested without the group and it is one’s faith being tested not the group’s faith.

One’s spiritual life and the connection to spiritual guidance can always be found within one. One should never trust any who even suggests otherwise. When one has trouble listening to the inner guidance or it is unclear one should seek outer guidance and one’s spiritual choices in life will often guide one to guidance that fits with their chosen spiritual life in presentation.

35. Learn other ones metaphors yet retain one’s individual expression.

      35.1. Learning other ones metaphors is learning other ones faith and cannot be done while tightly gripping one’s own.

      35.2. Allow what resonates to be evaluated for addition to one’s individual expression and allow for the experience to reveal possible subtractions.

     35.3. Be fluid in ones ego expression of self, which is one’s chosen identity.

     35.3.1. Be as mist when it is wise to allow all to pass through and take no root.

     35.3.2. Be as a pool when it wise to reflect and allow pebbles to cause ripples within you.

     35.3.3. Be as ice when it is wise to solidify ones ego expression and claim ones existence in the moment.

There is an absolute truth to each and every thing in existence and each of those truths have infinite expressions using infinite metaphors.

One’s faith can close one’s mind.

When one loosens one’s grip one can easier see how the metaphors may be different however the same truth is being expressed.

Personal truth is a lie.

Personal view of a universal truth is what one has.

The truth is not personal it simply is.

One’s personal view and the choices one makes in what one attaches emotion to is what defines one’s ego expression of self. This is one’s identity. Without an ego one is a slave to all around and has no individual expression. One is a clone of whatever is around one.

It takes experience and achieved wisdom in learning from experience to understand when to let all pass through yet acknowledge it was heard. That same wisdom will tell one when to let it sink in and have an effect on one. The same wisdom will tell one when to project one’s feelings on the subject into the discussion.

The discussion never ends, even though the participants change from time to time.

Protection through right action means understanding at times the right action is to not let one be affected by one’s environment. It takes wisdom to know when this is right action or acts of cowardice. Every situation in life is unique and no general rules can ever truly apply.

This structure is a loose structure that asserts one will always be responsible to oneself for one’s choices and understands that one’s choices will affect other one’s lives and one will be held accountable in life for that effect.

One will always reap what one sows whether one wants to or not. One will always be trapped in a room of mirrors based on one’s projection. If one wants to move on one must change what one is projecting to allow one to move another room of mirrors.

All ones are connected and no one can attract another one. One can only become the matching projection to other ones in various shared views. Projections will never be perfect mirror reflections of each other no matter how many views are shared.

36. Spend a lot of time outside.

       36.1.Why not?

A walk in the grass barefoot can do much. Sitting by a creek or a lake or river or on the beach for a while can do much. A walk in the woods through or a field or anywhere there isn’t cement can do much.

37. Meditate daily.

      37.1. Why not?

Meditation assists one in centering oneself and dealing with the stress of life. Meditation aids one in hearing the inner voice for guidance. Meditation sessions depending on intent set for session can aid one in many ways.

One who does not meditate will not find inner peace. In meditation one teaches oneself to develop and maintain this inner peace by listening to the inner voice as it guides.

38. Be mindful of the body and listen well.

      38.1. The body will guide diet and motion if it is listened to.

      38.2. At full potential one need not think only allow oneself to be guided to what is best for one’s daily health.

General rules of health often do not apply to all ones. All ones are similar yet different enough to be unique. One’s blood type and genetic history can play a role into the diet that is best for one regardless what other sources have historically said. Ones cravings for food will tell one what the body wants for optimum health.

The same can be said for basic exercise for daily health. Not all ones need to be able to run marathons or jump all over buildings and other such activities that require much more than the needed daily exercise.

When one is at full potential one is guided by the flesh to care for the flesh in healthy ways. As always moderation and self-discipline are essential in all areas of life in order to be at ones full potential.

39. See androgyny unless it serves a purpose.

      39.1.Gender is for romance and sex.

      39.2. If the moment is not about romance or sex it serves no purpose for one to see anything other than one.

      39.3. When one unifies both male and feminine energies within one becomes one within and genderless unless it is needed for romance or sex.

When one unifies both feminine and masculine energies within, one becomes less concerned with one’s own gender and one lives to be a decent human being regardless of gender. Gender roles apply limits to one and when one sees gender one applies limits to other ones. The only activity in life that requires one to see gender is romantic relationships. When one lives to personify gender one degrades the other gender to validate one’s choice.

Personifying gender often leads one to being seen as an object of desire as one is setting the intent in one’s life to be on the constant seek of romance whether one consciously knows it or not.

Only in unifying both masculine and feminine energies within does one become whole in and of oneself.

It is naive and willful ignorance to allow oneself to be blinded that gender serves purpose beyond romance and sex.

One is striving to be a better human.

40. Never be afraid to share your observation however offer no judgment.

      40.1. Another view often provides clarity to confusion.

      40.2. One is hearing both sides while both sides are trying to be heard.

     40.3. Offering ones observations can be of great assistance in reducing the probability of harm being done and increase the probability of understanding being achieved.

It is a fine line between observation and judgment. Observation speaks to what is and possible outcomes. Judgment speaks to what should be and offers condemnation.

41. Judge thyself alone.

      41.1. It’s how one keeps oneself from becoming a hypocrite.

      41.2. It’s how to manage one’s own behavior without need of having it pointed out.

      41.3. Be honest in looking at one to understand why one feels judged by others.

In life one will judge others. It’s an unavoidable part of being human. One who never judges oneself will never understand why one works to avoid judging others.

42. An open mind led by an open heart will lead to wisdom.

       42.1. Logic assists in explaining why one feels what one feels about any one thing one cares about.

       42.2. When one’s mind is closed one cannot feel ones heart and one will never find wisdom and never know love.

       42.3. An open heart allows one to feel ones effect.

       42.4. An open heart allows one to love and be loved.

       42.5. A mind open to the heart will be guided by love through love in love.

A closed mind has deaf ears and blind eyes.

An open heart sees beyond what the eyes could ever see and hears more than the ears could ever hear.

One with an open mind and an open heart will experience pain in life, this is unavoidable. It’s in keeping the heart and mind open that one’s finds the wisest ways to deal with pain in the moment to resolve the issue and heal thyself. Once one is closed off no healing can be done and one will hold the pain and the pain will grow and be seen in one’s behavior in a myriad of ways. The most common is one will develop anger issues and lash out at even those attempting to assist one.

43. Fuck fear.

       43.1. Is the opposite of love and will destroy one and one will do much harm in that destruction.

Fear is the great manipulator. Fear is what is used to get one to do what other ones want. Other ones will use ones fear against one to get one to comply with what one would otherwise ignore. The marketing industry is built on the premise of creating a fear of lack of acceptance in order to convince one that one needs what the manipulators are selling.

As soon as one is told to do it another one’s way or acceptance will be difficult at best, one is being abused into submission.

This is the art of Marketing, advertising and propaganda.

The art of subjugating the mind of other ones and bending or breaking their will to enforce compliance.

44. Courage is saying fuck it I am doing it anyway.

       44.1. Fear will test one.

       44.2. The greatest of all achievements are realized once fear is overcome.

When one ignores fear and becomes the resistance that persists one will accomplish great things in life. There is no other way to accomplish great things in life. Ones who never strives to break the mold will never see greatness in the results of life.

45. What could go right?

       45.1. This sets the mindset for fear to rarely appear in ones thought process.

       45.2. This develops fearlessness.

       45.3. This makes it easy to say fuck it.

Ones with the greatest tales to tell often find the last words said in making a difficult decision to resemble “Fuck it, I’m doing it.”

There is a power in the words “Fuck it” that once embraced lead to freedom and allow one to be as great in action as they have been in thought regardless the obstacles in front of them.

One who lives in fear does not protect one’s life.

One who lives in fear destroys one’s life and the lives of other ones in more ways than one can imagine.

46. Speak well to live well.

       46.1. True Majick lies in every word one speaks that is one’s ever weaving spell that creates ones path and adds to the shared reality.

      46.2. Talk mad shit and deal with mad shit

      46.3. What one projects is what will reflect back at one less one meets a master.

Magic or magick is about ritual and deities and spells and Majick is simply understanding every word one speaks goes in as well as out and one sets the path one will walk with one’s talk. This is why self-talk is the most important talk in one’s life. What one says after the word “I” or in what one defines in using the word “My” and when one steps up and says “Me” these define your ego representation of self and program one’s view of life, existence and most things and oneself.

Every word after the words “I am” is one defining the state of one’s being. Who one says one is, is exactly who one becomes if not already exists as. How one talks about one’s self creates self-validation or a desire to seek validation. The difference is experience that builds faith in oneself to know oneself to be valid as one speaks and defines oneself for oneself and other ones.

This projection of self and everything about whom and what that self is adds to the shared reality of all ones.

If one goes around with a chip on one’s shoulder in the way one speaks, one will have that chip knocked off frequently and one’s life will feel as though it is an endless struggle. This mindset can cause paranoia to set in and have many adverse effects in ones attempts to build personal relationships with other ones. Not all fights are physical in their violence and when one speaks with violence in one’s language one invites that projection of violence to be reflected back at one often so one can resolve the conflict within.

When one meets one who has mastered oneself one will never see a mirror reflection.

47. Seek counsel as the need is felt.

      47.1. The moment one is unsure it is time to seek counsel.

Life has confusing moments and in those times it is wise to seek counsel before making a decision to do something about it.

48. Seek counsel within until the outer seek is needed to check oneself before wrecking oneself.

     48.1. All one needs of oneself from oneself resides in oneself.

     48.2. A mirror will reflect one back to one and can assist one in being clear in ones thought process.

All ones possess the capability to hear the inner voice that is one’s connection to the divine regardless of metaphor used to define the divine for one. When one learns to seek within to hear the voice within one rarely needs to seek counsel outward. At times one’s own inner voice can be difficult to hear for a myriad of reasons and one is encouraged to have one or ones in one’s life that one can seek counsel from when one can’t figure it out on one’s own.

Even when one hears the inner voice loud and clear at times one will desire to bounce it off another one for further clarity and possible exploration.

49. Know wisdom by hearing and be blind to its source.

      49.1. Who cares who said it, does it have value in and of itself.

      49.2. Evaluate the source when what is heard causes confusion.

When what one hears registers as wise it is the wisdom of the words one is using to refine oneself not the personality of another one. When one becomes interested in the source of the wisdom one can find things in anyone’s past that would cause one to question not the words but the source of them and therefore question the validity of the words.

If what is heard is causing confusion, it is often due to the emotional state of the source and further questions such as “why” become paramount in understanding why one is saying what one is saying.

50. Feel wisdom with a deaf ear and a blind eye to see through all the bullshit.

      50.1. An open heart rejects deception and will feel it true.

A Heart Chakra open and functioning at optimum will feel any deception in any interaction.

51. Set the intent to be the individual living form of love that is the core of ones being.

      51.1. The free will to be the individual one was born to be is one’s power.

      51.2. This power is the ultimate power in the universe.

One will either be a being of fear or love in the moment. When one sets the intent to be a being of love one cannot tolerate to see long suffering inflicted on other ones. One will speak out and take action to end the long suffering being inflicted on one or other ones. One will confront one who creates long suffering in the lives of other ones when one is a being of love.

One’s individual expression of self is what one uses to protect one from influences that create long suffering. When one makes it known that the creating of long suffering for other ones is totally unacceptable one’s view is added to the shared reality and other ones will become less tolerant of ones who create long suffering.

The power to have an impact in the shared reality is a power shared by all ones. There is no greater power than the power of free will. It is one’s choice to create long suffering or bring an end to it. One who turns a blind eye to long suffering takes part in creating it.

52. Be true to you.

       52.1. Full potential cannot be lived any other way.

On who makes compromises to fit in or find acceptance creates long suffering within one that is often accompanied by self-loathing. One will remain in conflict and find confrontation frequently.

53. Know your skills and master them.

      53.1. All ones have natural talents ones are born with.

      53.2. Exploration of those born talents is ones purpose in becoming one and full potential cannot be lived if these talents are not put to use.

To not explore one’s born talents will cause suffering in one’s life. One’s born talents assist one in creating purpose for one’s life.

54. Master yourself and your skills are mastered.

       54.1. Mastering the one that one is in thought and action guides one through mastery of one’s born talents making them honed skills.

When one looks within for guidance to master oneself one will be guided to ones who can assist in this endeavor. When one has mastered oneself one will rarely reflect the shared reality and one will frequently project into the shared reality. One’s at full potential one will have a greater impact on the shared reality.

One’s who use manipulation to gain influence in the shared reality create long suffering. These ones operate in fear not love. If one’s endeavors can only succeed through behavioral manipulation, one seeks to create long suffering whether one is aware of it or not.

If the simple truth doesn’t get it done one is not at one’s full potential and is offering substandard goods and services and is in a state of long suffering.

When one has mastered oneself one will not accept deception from any source regardless of title and function or situation one finds oneself in. One cannot master oneself without total honesty in all aspects of one’s life. There is no other way to unify mind body and spirit. There is no other way to unite feminine and masculine energy within one.

One masters oneself when one can be honest in every expression of one from one’s core.

One cannot master one’s skills with being able to be honest with one what those skills are. One who relies on other ones to train one in one’s skills will never master them until one breaks the mold of the training.

One is a living work of art and one’s life is a performance art piece that never ends.

When one masters oneself one becomes a living master piece.


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