Psychospirilosophy asks is the opposite of Patience is Wrath?

When things don’t hurry up and go the way we want we tend to get a little pissy with each other and the world.We get angry as if somehow that is going to speed things up.


Let’s put on our Psychospirilosophy glasses and take a look at why the opposite of patience might in fact be wrath.

For those new to what I do the view works like this.

Psychology: Understand from a psychological standpoint why you are doing something can provide the solutions to the problem you are facing.

Spirituality:As long as it doesn’t involve animal or human sacrifices, I don’t care what you do, have something.

Philosophy: Our life philosophies are the talk that gets us called a hypocrite for not walking.

Why is it when I am waiting for something I get angry when it doesn’t happen right when I want it to and who and what am I really angry at?

Depends on what I am waiting for.

The are no magic formulas to life as the moment is ever changing and no matter how similar it might feel, it is always a different set of variables that are being examined backwards to now to find the answer. The idea I like to apply is not process or formula its a flow of thought and emotion that allows me to investigate me and as many perspectives as it takes to find the wisest course of action or reason as to why I am feeling any one way about anything and if it’s truly valid or I am being a whiny little bitch about it.

Everything in existence works in a vortex or a spiral including gravity itself. We often refer to our emotional states as spiraling upward or downward or out of control.

For me the spiral is a natural flow of taking the time to feel the emotion and examine it by justifying it to myself and I get out through self talk and that allows me to hear it and exercise my self awareness and feel how it sounds to me as I am saying it. Do the words and the emotion make sense together.

As the spiral continues and moves out of the emotion to the logic in turning the mirror inward and seeing if the emotion based on the emotional explanation makes sense and then hitting the fringe of the spiral to look inward as if I was hearing this story of how I got to be in this emotional state.

Would it make sense if someone else was telling me the story?

One of my pet peeves is when I find myself having to repeat myself with consistency to someone. Having to answer the same question repeatedly has a tendency to test my patience greatly. Some of my former students and clients will confess this is true.

Here’s why.

My students are coming to me often to unlearn and relearn. To reprogram themselves to operate at a higher level of conscious awareness and often this includes teaching them how to manage a high level empathic sensitivity.

My clients are coming to me often to break patterns and create new healthier patterns and habits in life.

I get impatient because I start to feel as though my time is being wasted and my guidance is not respected.

“I feel”

This is not always the case.

Psychologically speaking I have to ask myself why it would even be valid for that feeling to come up.

My impatience is all about me. It’s me that is having a problem with what is going on, why?

I have spent years of my life training myself in ways i can’t even begin to describe to make sure that I am able to give the best guidance possible to assist someone in achieving their goals. I have seen many results to show that work was not in vain. When I look back to see what it is I feel might not be respected in the moment, I think about how other people feel when they tell me about no one listening to their advice even when asked for.

I have had many people comment on my ability to provide wise and sound guidance for most of my life. Even before getting into the Shaman gig, everyone I knew always came to me for advice because I had a habit of being right. It was never that I felt I needed to, I have knack for just happening to be right.

The guidance I give comes from a variety of places. As a Conduit or someone who can channel straight for the Universal Consciousness the guidance I give often passes through me not from me and it’s technically not my guidance that is being given only their guidance passing through me.  As an Empath I have to remember that that irritation might be theirs with themselves for not making progress and at times a showing of irritating the teacher or guide motivates one to work harder at it.

I remember all the times people didn’t listen and some of the things they had to experience to see the guidance they ignored was true. At times the things I am having to repeat with people is what keeps them in harmful cycles of unhealthy behavior. I get angry because I love them and I want them to knock it off and stop hurting themselves.

My problem is I care deeply for each and very one of my clients and students as children so to speak and if I didn’t care about their lives so much I wouldn’t let it bother me and become my problem. I sacrifice my peace because I love them truly and unconditionally and sometimes people need that expression of love that is more angry for them than at them.

Spiritually speaking I think the unconditional love tells me everything I need to now about the health of my spiritual walk.

The philosophy I apply to doing what I do is this.

Give what is needed as it is needed as it is guided when it is guided.

To live that and walk the talk I had to invest years of my life into taking naturally born gifts and turning them into honed skills at a masters level. Part of that included making my intuition razor sharp and taking the years needed to build faith through experience in my accuracy of knowing when to speak and what to speak with out having to think. I sacrificed years of my life to master my skills so that I could trust myself knowing I would always give the best guidance for the moment for anyone who ever bothered to give me 5 minutes of their time.

I conquered my fear of my gifts by mastering them and making them skills with the intent of creating a result that allows me to use who and what I am to be of the best benefit to the sum or whoever happens to be there in the moment with me.

I forget almost no one knows that or can even comprehend what my life has been to be able to give that guidance the first time much less repeatedly.

Why is it get angry at times when I have to repeat myself over and over again to the same person?

In simplest terms.

I am so dedicated to what I am doing and have worked so hard to be the best I can be at it that it creates self doubt and I get angry at me for doubting me after all I have been through to be this Rock Shaman. Since I am as human as the rest of you I project that anger outward instead of inward at times.

I forgive me my breaks in self discipline or how I could I forgive any of you for dong it to me. I work at it keeping these moments of losing my own internal conflict to rare occasions.

I get impatient because everyone doubts from time to time. That fear called doubt can cause anger to come up to mask the doubt.

I use my life as an example because you might sue me if I  did this with your lives in a piece like this.

Is the opposite of patience wrath?

Maybe, maybe not, let’s talk about it and see if we can find the truth together.


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