Psychospirilosophy and Tantra

I took from it what I needed in concept which is the following:

1. We each have an insatiable beast within and the goal is to get the beast to see the value of taming itself

There is a myth that to reach the enlightened view or to be an awakened soul means that you have dispatched the darkness within one and are nothing but a being of light.

Nice fantasy and bed time story for children.

For adults I suggest you understand that you are born with the capability to do anything you deem horrific and therefore a dark desire.

Good and evil are only concepts and do not actually exist in any function in existence other than to give a subjective metaphor for ones to use in order to evolve in understanding.

The concepts are primitive and have no place n the mind of an evolved being.

This is part of becoming fully consciously aware. One is one’s darkness as much as one is one’s light and until one achieves balance one will live in a fear state, fearing one’s own self and will project those fears into the shared reality in order to face and overcome them.

Until one faces the beast called desire and applies self-discipline and moderation to one’s life in all areas of one’s life one’s sex life will never be fulfilling. One’s sex life is effected by every other area of one’s life. As a human being one will always have wants and desires.

One does not have aspects of self to resolve, one has the totality of ones view to resolve by creating parameters or boundaries for one’s behavior that with repetition becomes one’s identity. To treat oneself as a segmented or fractal thing is to ignore the analog flowing being one is. While logic can assist in understanding life, it is emotion that gives life form and is why one is even alive, to feel and grow.

Even when one has become enlightened one will get angry, horny, sad, depressed and every other face of love. There are no negative emotions, again this is a lie used to sell books and seminars and rob the ignorant and give false hope and has created harmful delusions.

If a demon does exist within you it is fear.

Fear is everything love is not.

It is the dark mirror reflection of love. Fear and love are two sides of the same emotional coin. This coin is the most powerful thing in ones life. What one projects is what is reflected back at one.

The Law of Reflection cannot be avoided and will always prove itself true when one attempts to prove it false.

If there is no good and evil there can be no positive or negative emotions. There is the reaction and/or response one has to these emotional states and what has brought one to one’s current emotional state.

No matter how evolved one becomes one will always be a savage in many ways. When one meets a do or die situation one will know the truth of the savage that remains in one.

In the sexual embrace one finds the savage within. Even if one becomes a tantric master one will still enjoy fucking like a wild beast on occasion. Until one owns one’s beast, one’s beast will never allow itself to be tamed.

2. Taming the beast is how one unifies mind, body and spirit.

The beast will always exist in one. It is one’s exercise of self-discipline and moderation that one tames the beast. One who is disciplined of mind is one that allows spirit to guide and be present to guide the flesh that is the home of the beast.

The beast will encourge one to make an object of desire of one so the beast can feed.

One who seeks to feed the beast will destroy the soul.

One who seeks to join beast to beast, mind to mind, and soul to soul will create synergy. One cannot fully join who is not unified within. Attempts at joining until both ones are unified within will harm to each one on the soul level.

When one engages in sex with many ones, one will exchange many pieces of oneself with many ones and destroy ones soul and become a ghost in the shell.

One will never be whole until one reclaims what was given and gives back what was taken.

When one commits to one joining one, both are strengthened by the joining.

This is how it actually works not morality.

3. Once the beast known as lust seeks the surrender of intimacy, true deeply connected intimacy, it accepts nothing less in order to come out from hiding now that it knows its place, because the beast has seen the damage it brought to the soul and has learned to avoid damage just because it can take it.

If one is to make a wise choice in who one shares one’s mind body and soul with one exercises patience and builds trust through intimacy.

One who hides who one is will never be intimate with another.

The sacred dark is where one hides the most intimate things there is to known about one. The things one only shares when one makes oneself completely vulnerable to another.

Sex is not intimacy, though intimacy promotes better sex.

Only in intimacy does one surrender totally and completely to another and build the trust to truly connect during sex and make love instead of merely feeding the beast.

One makes love with a partner not to a partner in order to have the greatest sex one can have.

One and one become one in mind, body and spirit. On the soul level one and one become one.

Without intimacy when one and one become one there is great potential for suffering as lies of omission are still lies and what one does not tell one’s partner can lead one or ones partner to inflict harm that could have been avoided.

Intimacy requires total honesty. Without total honesty there can be no intimacy.

One may experience great suffering in life to learn this lesson in life and understands it truth.

4. Learn to not have and enjoy it

Any time one feels something is lacking one will seek to fill the void one has created with one’s view of one and one’s life. If one feels that sex is needed to complete one’s life one will seek sex and inflict much harm on oneself and one’s partners. One who can enjoy life and feel whole without sex has become whole in and of oneself. This does not mean one has balanced the feminine and masculine, one has simply learned to enjoy and not have.

Any time one feels that something is lacking in one’s life one is saying there is something lacking in one. One is not unified in mind, body and spirit if one is operating from a lack mentality. While all ones are interdependent on all ones to live life all ones are individual ones and while the coupling of one and one is necessary for continuation of the species it is not required for one to enjoy life.

Coupling and companionship are two different things and one will always have need of companionship in order to keep growing through life and have new and different life experiences. One cannot have growth experiences without other ones.

One becomes the companion one desires to have. It is in the similarities of one and one that first forms the bonds of companionship. One will never find an exact copy of one and not all views will be shared and that is OK. One is born to be an individual and has not obligation in life to be a perfect mirror reflection of any other one. One is one’s own projection and to reach full potential is to own the individual expression one is.

While companionship will always be desired one is encouraged to enjoy one’s own company. One who never learns this will always feel something lacking in one’s life and will harm oneself and other ones to fill this void.

5. Learn to quell the endless hunger of want.

Learning to not have and enjoy it is to quell the endless hunger of want. One will always have desires that will have many forms. One is an emotional creature and emotional responses to fulfilling ones desires can create unhealthy behavioral patterns also known as addiction. If one is indulgent one is causing harm to oneself and one is indulgent in sex to fill a void one harms all ones partners. Indulgent behavior leads to addictive behavior and shows one is not unified in mind, body and spirit. As the spirit guides the mind within the body it never guides one to harm oneself or others through indulgent behavior. The flesh will always guide one to indulgent behavior and the mind alone can become easily confused in attempting to tell the difference.

6. Take sex out of the equation.

Creating a bond with another one takes being intimate and that has nothing to do with the act of sex. Creating an intimate bond is about trust and honesty and making oneself totally vulnerable to another one. One can be intimate with many ones and not have sex with any of them. If one is seeking sex one is not seeking companionship and is seeking to fill a perceived void in one’s life.

7. Reintroduce sex when you can see your partner’s body as a temple and see their soul.

When sex happens one and one do exchange a piece of their souls with one another. Part of one will always reside within the other.

When one gives this gift one connects oneself to the other unless one retrieves that which was given and returns that which was taken.

8. Total surrender with total focus on exploration of the sweetness of the temple and how to subtlety seduce and progress with patience and love and allowing two to become one with no ending or beginning to one another in the moment of eternal connectedness.

The gift of sex is the gift of giving pleasure to one’s partner. One who seeks their own pleasure alone in the experience will cause harm to their partners. Being skilled in the art of love making is nothing if one does not make love with love that can be gentle and powerful simultaneously.

9. Sex is just a metaphor for creating a bond and truly mating your soul to another and creating more humans.

Sex is not the end all be all of anything.

It is the final connecting step to mating one’s soul to another one creating a bond that can only be broken through mutual agreement. Sex happens to be necessary to create more ones as matter of the human design.

Procreation done with love in love creates better ones.

Procreation without love without being in love has a tendency to create fractured ones. Fractured by lack of love that went into their creation and the imprint it left on their soul.

If one wants to have a child that has the best chance to have a love filled life, create that life in love with love and make love with the one you love.


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