Black, white and grey and the war of ideas

I have often laughed in the face of people who tell me the world is not black and white and there are many shades of grey. Here’s why.

Right and wrong do exist.

Grey areas are the ones where we are not sure what is the right thing to do. The right things to do often depends on the situation we find ourselves in.

I often find that when I feel the need to say this is a grey area, I am avoiding taking a stance out of fear of being wrong.

I use me as an example because if I started calling some of you out by name, you might get upset and rightly so.

I use the tool Psychospirilosophy to help me figure out what the right thing to do is so I understand why it is the right thing to do.

For those unfamiliar with my work here is what Psychospirilosophy is.

Psychology: Is there anyone who thinks it’s a bad idea to understand from a psychological aspect why you are doing what you are doing?

Spirituality: As long as what you are doing does not include killing animals and people, have something.

Philosophy: For me it’s the personal philosophies we develop by saying “I always say this” regarding summing up the talk we say we are walking less we be seen as a hypocrite.

It’s a tool for self exploration and being able to better provide yourself with an answer to the question “What am I doing and why?”

I have often said there are no general catch all approaches to life and that everything is dependent on the moment. There are always exceptions to every rule we try and create as life is a fluid thing always flowing forward and never still and never moving in reverse.

When I am trying to figure out if what I am doing or about to do is the right thing, I forget about grey and go the silver mirror of inner refection.

Why do we agree to disagree?

I find it is often because we are in disagreement about what is right and what is wrong and are in the grey battlefield where the war of ideas takes place. This is often called debate.

Anyone who thinks debate is not a fight is fooling themselves.

The entire point of debate is to find out what is right and what is wrong for the issue being debated.

Unfortunately for some right and wrong do exist and the ambiguity of grey does more harm to the sum than good. Here’s why.

Often in online discussion many of the readers never comment. You never really know who is reading and how many are being influenced by the ongoing debate.

In a recent buzz I said that everyone has the power to influence everyone they come in contact with in life.

It’s why as soon as I see someone being called or referring to themselves as an “Influencer” I found someone to ignore as I will never recommend to blindly follow a title.

In this case it is a title used for marketing purposes to drive up the public image of the one being given the title.

This also degrades the rest as it is saying that if you do not have this title why should anyone listen to you?

Consensus does not make truth.

I can’t tell you how many peoples faces I have openly laughed in when they try to use the consensus argument. Here’s why.

They have just shown they do not think for themselves and act as a great fool blindly following the crowd.

The reason people do this online is all about image and lacks any true substance.

This is one time I am going to use a name without gaining consent first.

For over a year Jivana Kennedy came at me with everything she had in debate in Linkedin’s largest group.

I respect Jivana immensely because she always stood her ground and never backed down an inch. We rarely agreed on anything and Jivana never left it to the audience to decide.

She took the hard road of taking a stand on her own and never went looking for anyone to come in and back her up in a debate.

Honestly I miss her. I never had a greater adversary in the realm of debate and because she pushed so hard, it pushed me to bring out my best. This often led me to going in new directions and these debates became explorations where everyone following had the opportunity to learn right along with us as we fought it out.

Thank you Jivana, you made a better human out of me.

When you start asking your friends to come in and help you in a debate it means you know your position is weak and want to gang up on someone to shove it down their throats.

This is often what trolls do to attempt to discredit someone.

If you need back up, you are telling the world you cannot stand on your own. You are telling the world you are weak and acting from a place of insecurity and fear.

I say this right or correct based on using the Psychospirilosophy tool.

I cannot think of one spiritual path that says to lie.

I cannot think of one spiritual path that is not dedicated to discovering truth.

I cannot think of one spiritual path that says to protect your online or professional image.

We live in a day and age where the grey area has become about our image and creating an image that gets people to follow us and heap praise upon us in order to create more business opportunities.

Anytime you let your bank account make your decision you ave already lost the war of ideas.

You are operating from a fear or lack mentality. You fear that admitting that you are wrong will have people choosing to go with someone else.

It takes an act of humility, strength and courage to admit your wrong.

Someone once told me that Jivnana was giving me a lot of free work on self development and I disagreed.

I was wrong.

She absolutely did what she does as a professional in those debates and assisted me as I was helping myself to find direction and find new and different ways of presenting myself and my ideas.

Thank you Jivana and I hope you are still giving as good as you get because you are a strong and courageous human who will take a stand and never back down. While I rarely agreed with you I respect you for never agreeing to disagree.

If you don’t like my approach I suggest looking Jivana up and giving her a shot at assisting you in helping yourself.

You will never find anyone who will work as hard as I do to bring out your best. I don’t think she is on beBee, however you can find her on Linkedin and I would love to see her here on beBee as she has a true gift for doing similar work to what I do.

I haven’t spoken to this woman in well over a year and I think it is the right thing to do to show that there are people out there who disagree with me that I do respect.

I think it would be wrong of me to never bring her name up and give her the credit she earned for everything she did for me by challenging me at every turn to be better and bring it from within and find the strength I may have forgotten was there.

A credit to humanity and I will always be grateful for the battles we fought against each other in the war of ideas.


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