Are you valid or seeking validation?

It is often that when we venture off into the online world and start talking, we are seeking validation.

Everyone does it.

We like recognition.

It feels pleasant.

So what?

Leading a life seeking that recognition builds a cage and a limiting way to live and view how of you can best contribute to any given thing at any given time.

Let’s examine 3 questions I use in Enlightened View buzz and see why I use them and call it the enlightened view.

Why one?

This sends one on an exploration of understanding what one’s intent is to even speak in the first place.

If the answer to why me is to show off and seek recognition for showing off it reduces the likelihood of one needing to speak and one having something that actually has much to do with the topic or where the discussion is and where it is going.

One is seeking to have one’s ego stroked.

Why here?

Could it be better to take it in and discuss it elsewhere before offering my view?

I’m putting something out there for all to see. How will they possibly perceive me and what I have to say?

Is it for them or me that I am doing it here?

If it’s for me why?

Why now?

Am I reacting or responding and how is this contribution valuable for everyone who will read it?

Too often in online discussion we get locked into who is commenting and forget the much larger audience who never says a word.

One of my skills allows me to set the size of the hive mind that becomes a faceless single stream of consciousness that flows through my medium mask. It allows me to get a median read on the reaction of the larger audience and gauge my own commenting accordingly.

I use this skill in everything I write.

In order for this skill to work I have to drop my ego out and often find myself taking up unpopular positions with the few who are commenting. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one and need trumps want every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

What do people need to read in order to understand it better?

That’s making it about we and setting aside the me for the sake of the we.

Seeking validation or credit or recognition is all about the me.

Why one?

Why here?

Why now?

Is it for me or we?

The enlightened view is all about the we.


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