The Theory of Consciousness and Connected Gravity?

I have a reputation for being direct. This is a definite departure as I venture into the unknown.

In taking this trip into the unknown I need some assistance and welcome all who want to take a stab at seeing what we can discover working together.

Where do we start?

In my opinion I think the first place to start is the gyre.

In simplest terms a gyre is a subatomic sized singularity or black hole that works on a vortex.

In my mind the only thing that makes sense is that everything is connected through gravity.

Science has proven there is a thin electromagnetic field that surrounds our human form and that we never actually touch anything though it feels as though we do.

Key part there is the word “magnetic” for me.

A field that is a unique gravitational signature that tells existence what our form is and how to respond to it physically as well as setting limits for the physical form.

In my thinking it is the gyre that is the only thing that makes sense as the source that creates this field around our form.

As I am going here I want to take a moment here to remind myself as I type, this is all theory and I am open to the ideas of the rest.

The gyre is smaller than the DNA strands that tell our body what form to take as well as bunch of other stuff, what is it that tells the DNA strands to form?

This is where I get into the what if realm with no way to really know if I am right or wrong. I am not even sure there is a way to prove it.

What if within the gyre is a consciousness?

What if the gyres work in unison communicating with each other to work together?

That would mean that gravity is a living a force. I have never had that thought before I just wrote it.

How do we prove or disprove that gravity is a living force with consciousness that we simply do not yet understand?

This would be the jumping off point where I am asking for assistance in discovery and building the Theory of Consciousness and Connected Gravity.

For me this also answers the question of organized chaos and why the universe works even when the math can not explain it. The free will of the consciousness within gravity to screw with us when we think math will give us the answer that eludes our grasp. That little chaos factor that keeps popping up.

We have been given the ability to reason for a reason and I ask that we all bring reason to this discussion and respect that each of us in charting into unknown territory as far as I know.

Who wants to chase the white rabbit with me?


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