The first step to Tantra Mastery in the simplest concept

See androgyny unless sex is on the table.

Unify the feminine and the masculine that is in us all and be human first unless gender matters for some reason.

Honestly the only time it really matters is for sex.

If you are not already in that physical relationship there is no reason to notice or care unless you are seeking that.

If you see yourself as only a human being and the others as human beings it makes it easier to show the same respect that you are looking for.

It tames the beast and makes the beast very picky about what it will allow you to notice whether you want to or not.

Romance is about finding a beast in another to match your own.

Does not matter how you couple it, same principle applies.

Lust is lust is lust and romance is about sharing lust as well every other part of life in a synergistic view with a partner who is your best friend that you can have that endless conversation with about life, the universe and most things and the sex is the bonus.

I did not become a Tantra Master to be celebrate only more patient in being picky.

The longer it takes to get there the more righteous the debauchery.

This is why patience is a virtue.

The longer you wait to give in, the better the sin.


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