Selling sex is bad for the human

Using sex to sell shows you have nothing else in your head that resembles an intelligent thought or any respect for humanity much less for women.

The argument of “It works” shows how little one cares about the damage it inflicts.

I have called women out for body shaming other women by using skinny half naked women as the only way they can get attention to what they are writing or selling.

Here is a statistic that should scare all of us.

A study was done showing 2 out of 3 college age men would rape a woman if they thought they could get away with it.

That means 66% of college age men think rape is OK.

When the female form and sex is being used to sell and promote it is overloading the minds of those effected by it and turns the female form into an object that is no longer recognized as being human.

This is not opinion, this is how the human mind works.

For every woman who succeeds using other women as objects to sell it makes it even worse.

Every woman who offers herself up to be the object for the selling makes it worse.

Not opinion, however I understand why some people would want it to be one instead of the cold hard truth it is.

A majority of my clients have been women who have been victims of sexual assault at some point in their life. Most of the women in my life, my entire life, have been victims of sexual assault at some point in life.

That we use sex to sell is part of the problem.

I watched a video on Facebook the other day where I watched woman after woman say horrible things about their bodies and how they saw themselves.

This is a direct result of the body shaming done by using half naked skinny women to sell stuff and draw attention to stuff.

This is a direct result of our human narrative and the way we give praise and adoration to aesthetics.

Every time I see a woman’s body being used to sell something or draw interest to something it sickens me and makes me want to puke.

It’s worse when the people doing it are women and then celebrated for doing it.

It sickens me even more that I once wrote an article with a woman who took a stand against it in the piece and recently I have seen still doing it.

Until women stop doing it to women it will never stop.

Until women stop selling their bodies to be the object selling the object it will not stop.

No one needs to be used as an object to sell or draw attention to anything and using sex and the human form is about the lowest and least intelligence driven form of marketing there is.

It shows one has no imagination or respect for anything except taking your money.


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