One Love One Race is how to live Pro Human

For a long time I have heard the mantra “One Love” and it wasn’t until the last few years I really started thinking about it and what it means and could mean.

They idea of us all being one connected consciousness and yet still have the ability to be individuals is mind boggling at best until you really experience it. As simple as I could explain it here, it has no value unless you experience it.

There is no modern wisdom or ancient wisdom that is going to change the world in a book or a blog piece or singular performance of any kind. People who make a living off seminars and books who say other wise get really pissed off when I let that secret out in the way I shred the veil so to speak.

Wisdom can only be gained through experience and is unique to the individual view that are the stories of ones life that led one to the wisdom they guide their life by.

Love is honest in all things.

My one on one work has always been 99% charity work. I have quoted prices to 3 people in 2 years and generally if you hit me up on any social network I am on with a question I will answer it and if it turns into a discussion and more of them I never stop to think about charging.

There was a woman a couple years ago that I did a lot of session work with and it helped her career as a life coach quite a bit. When I asked her what she would charge for what she received she said somewhere around $400- $500 an hour. Her name is Amy Fiedler and she is good. She had left a recommendation for me on the profile I chose to delete when I left Linkedin for a couple months for personal reasons.

I could give a list of professional women in the guidance arena who have been my charity clients on a regular for the last 2 or 3 years.  When I am not doing that I am taking at least 6 women in my life at a time as something of a surrogate boyfriend. I do all the boyfriend jobs except sex and it stays off the table.

The faces have been changing since I was 12 however it often feels like the same 6 women are always in my life with others dropping in here and there.

I spend a lot time empowering them to be the strong human beings they are. I also hear all the broken heart stories and do a lot hugging as they cry. I also have a weird way of knowing exactly when to check on them.

These women are always the best part of my life because they always bring out the best in me.

Since embracing the one love idea and incorporating it with being an Empath it has done nothing but create more and more wonderful intimate friendships in my life with wonderful human beings who just happen to be women.

I thought I was crazy for 37 years. Then I realized it was real, the nightmare I went to sleep at night to escape.

Not knowing I was a Telepath for 37 years and not knowing I am an Empath meant when the women of my life told me the horror stories no one should ever have to live through, I saw it and felt it with them as if I was them down to physical sensations.

Waking nightmare depending on who I was around as I would also know their darkest of desires and things no human should ever want to do to another human.

When you can see where the desire comes from in the pain that created it, you really start thinking about what you can do if anything to:

1. Make the nightmare go away.

2. Never have to see it again unless it’s necessary.

I have a very twisted sense of humor in order to survive what I have seen and felt. The longer I live my life living my integrity living my individual expression of love in the flesh, the more one love is the only love we truly need and what we need to be giving more of to the sum of us all.

That love does not know age or skin color or borders or language or gender. That love is.

I am curious if there is a debatable argument to be made.

The questions for exploration in my mind are as follows.

What is the human value with the idea of keeping society going and not repeating our history of violence is there to the idea of race beyond only being human?

If we want to stop killing each other what is the value of borders?

If we are to be Pro Human why does gender matter unless sex is on the table?

If we are to say fuck it to the dark mirror of fear, what is the value of any label we use other than human?

If sex is on the table, gender and gender identification matter.

Where does it matter in life any other time if we are to treat each other with one love as one race?

What is the human value of hate?

Does hate versus hate in your opinion do anyone any good?

Does the idea of forget the hate and heal the pain sound good to you for humanity?

Are you beginning to see why I say one love one race is to be pro human and that is what it means to be so human.


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