Emotional Intelligence = Empathic Intuition

They are the same thing.

When you allow yourself to engage in empathy you open the empathic ability each of us has to a certain degree. In doing this you learn to translate emotion and the intent behind it. This is the basis of intuition, to be able to read between the lines so to speak to understand what isn’t being said or better understand why it is being said to begin with.

As you choose to engage in Empathy more often you hone the intuitive self and create a skill in reading people and situations. Being able to intuitively take a reading of a person or group with out having to engage, merely viewing and opening yourself up to the emotional wave/s present.

For an Empath emotional intelligence is the who they are personified.

When you can take on the emotions of others it gives you an insight into them and what is causing it. Think of an Empath as the equivalent of an Empathic Wizard so to speak. The etymology of the word Wizard from old English simply means Wise. Over the centuries we have given this word new meaning attaching the ideas of wizardry and magic however originally the Wizard was the wisest person around.

Wisdom often comes from understanding why we feel what we do.

I always say “If knowledge is power than wisdom is understanding.”

The intuitive self is often much wiser than the thinking self as it is often restricted by learned process. Intuition guides you from within without need for lengthy explanations, you simply “know” what is going on and are better able to hone in on the wisest course of action.

How does this aid in business?

The more you hone your intuition the less time you lose in making a decision you feel confident about.

The more you open yourself the empathic nature we all share the easier it is to communicate and often you find yourself being more direct and simple with your communication.

You think less and your honed intuition, which could also be called your instincts, will give the feeling as though you are thinking faster when in reality you are giving more trust to your own subconscious programming that you build over time to build faith in your intuition.

That takes experience to build and no one can teach you a course on it or give it to you in a book.

It’s simply a matter of setting the intent to allow yourself to be more open to what you are feeling coming from others and investigating through questions to learn to translate the emotion better and in doing so developing the intuitive skill.

Part of what I do is assisting people in opening up to their intuitive self and assisting them in becoming more accurate in their reading of emotion and building a honed skill.

In the thousands of students I have had I often find honing and mastering this skill gives them more confidence and they are not as easily shaken by someone projecting in an unhealthy way and are better prepared to deal with the situation and bring it to a peaceful resolution as they have trained themselves to understand where it is coming from regardless of the words used.

This is also the gateway to climbing the ladder of conscious level awareness and as you engage you will become more and more consciously aware of a lot of things. I have found that having someone to be the mirror you bounce your reading ability off of as it grows can assist in avoiding some unpleasant moments through a misread as you develop the skill.

This is also part of becoming unified in mind, body and spirit and reaching the enlightened view or what is commonly called enlightenment.

We are emotional creatures and it is only in embracing that and learning to understand each others emotions and why they are there that we become wise.


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