Building confidence through better self talk

I frequently say that self talk is the most important talk there is in life.

It’s the talk that defines us and our life. It’s the perception we create of who we are and where our life is and where it has been and where it going. Self talk is the character refining and defining that we do as the story that is our life unfolds.

I use what I call The Cinematic View.

The story of one’s life will always be in the context of one’s character. One’s self talk is describing who that character is and defines at times the limits of where one’s life can go. If one is telling oneself that one is always “this,” then one will always be that.

Henry Rollins in an interview was asked how he managed to have such a varied career. He basically said that it didn’t matter what he was offered the answer was yes and he would figure it out as he went. This led to writing a script for the first time, acting for the first time and a lot of firsts that have become things Henry has done in stretches to pay the bills and what not.

A fine example of modern day Bardism if there ever was one. Never allowing oneself to become imprisoned by the idea of not being able to do something just because the experience is lacking. Telling oneself that one is capable and will always find a way to figure it out no matter what “it” is.

This is may not be good to use as a marketing point, however in life it will open doors you never thought were possible. It leaves the story of your life open ended and able to take turns and plot twists that keep it interesting and keep you moving. It is a frame of mind that allows life to be an endless adventure while picking up skill after skill along the way.

Before you can live it you have to tell yourself that you are living it and that next adventure is always around the next corner. You have to tell yourself you are capable of living it.

This is where daily mantras come in handy.

I am wise.
I work smart.
I am kind.

Say it enough day in and day out and it will become what one one truly is. Building your own mantras is an exercise in claiming your power and taking it back to manage your life in the way that suits you best. It’s the self talk you create to create your life.

To build more confidence, talk about the you that is confident and why that confidence exists. Take small steps coming out of your comfort zones into other areas. The more experience you rack up the more you have to remind yourself about in times of doubt.

If for some reason you can’t find anything good to say about you to you, hit me up, it’s one of the many things I do. I see the capability in all, the potential is in all of us. Reaching that potential takes work. It takes trial and error. It means taking our lumps and figuring out how to do it better next time.

Just remember never to discourage anyone making progress and that starts with yourself and your self talk.


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