Blinded by Romantic Love

A hopeless romantic without a partner by my side
Makes it nearly unbearable the is life ride

Even though one is whole
To be joined is one’s only goal

Side by side souls mated
By choice alone are we fated

It’s torture not to feel her touch her warm embrace
It’s endless suffering not to be face to face

I feel so weak when it comes to you
The only one who can hurt me it is true

You stole my heart in one glance
In your arms I became a slave to your trance

I look for every way
To make this pain go away

Yet I know it will only end
In your arms again

What will it take to to get you to see
What your absence is doing to me

You consume my heart and my every thought
This is why I fought

I have never felt so lonely
Wanting you as my only

I feel as though I have gone insane
A man possessed in your name

You have stolen my heart
You are my art

The only thing that brings out my creative side
In this darkness waiting for the shifting side

I want to forget how to behave
I want to rant and rave

So much work I put into taming me
All undone by thee

I want to grab you and pull you to me to find sweet bliss
By shoring with you our first kiss

It’s the love of romance of this you can trust
Unconditional love mixed with lust

I want to worship at the temple of my Goddess
I want to give you my gentle caress

I want to ravage you all night long
It’s to you my lust belongs

I am a man who wants only one by my side
One to live out the rest of this life’s ride

It’s you I want as the Queen of my Universe
You living Goddess of this verse

Please end my pain
And take me into your arms again

I feel so crazy and insane
Loving you like this is no game


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