A Shaman’s view on the simplicity of Synchronicity and the secret formula to life

I have this discussion nearly daily in my life in various places with a wide range of faces.

As a Shaman it’s part of me doing my job to understand stuff like this that serves very little real purpose other than teaching it to other people so they will stop wondering about it.

Luck is a fable an coincidence is for the foolish.

In simplest terms there is a reason for everything. There is a reason you had that 5 second glance across the crowded room that one time and never saw each other again. Just because we might not know what that reason is does not mean that one glance was not meant to be.

Synchronicity is two or more people arriving to the same location for an event.

Time is a figment of our imagination and we created it to log our memories and understand why it gets dark and light and why the weather changes. All that exists is now.

If you break away from the 3d and go totally 4d there is no time and everything exists now in infinite space. Each thing having it’s own location. It’s like stepping out of the 3d world and watching existence as a movie and you get to choose what you view. It could be the past it could one of many possible futures.

It could be one of infinite dimensions at any point in it’s existence.

Trying to make sense of it to our 3d hardwired existence as a human being is an exercise in giving oneself a headache.

Location, location, location.

Your current location is not your location in time and space, just space and what happened 5 minutes ago can never be done or viewed again in the now. Too late, it’s gone.

What might happen is being written in a shared reality and we all have a shared ability and responsibility in creating that as it goes and now moves ever forward and never in reverse and there is no pause button. The is nothing that exists in a state of stasis or stillness. Everything is in constant motion on some level.

Synchronicity comes up when we move to the same location and interact and things happen that move existence forward and unfold new experiences. At times forgotten knowledge and wisdom is remembered and passed off as a new discovery.

The 100th monkey effect is a result of synchronicity.

The hundredth monkey effect is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is claimed to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea


Here’s how it works.

Though the volume dies out, the emotion carries on and is felt world wide even though most never recognize it at the conscious level. We have felt every word everyone has said in the world since we were born.

We ignore most of this information and it is stored away in the subconscious until it becomes relevant to our life.

Though every word is not heard it is felt world wide. Even if you are standing out somewhere by yourself every word you speak is having an effect on the rest of the world unconsciously.

Over time that idea you spread will pop up in the mind of someone somewhere thinking it is their idea. The more people capable of understanding this idea the more they will talk about it and make changes in themselves as a result. The more they talk about it and live it, others will join in a unified voice so to speak and take on the new behavior thinking it was their idea.

All this self talk eventually becomes conversation and discussion and gets written down and some people try to claim credit for a new way of thinking or rediscovering an old one. In reality it is knowledge and wisdom as old as existence itself and there is no one to give credit to unless you want to give it to God.

I was reading an article about Nikola Tesla that reminded me of this and led to this buzz. The article was not very good and mostly poster quotes of stuff Tesla said.

Nikola at one point pointed to a divine source that all knowledge comes from. Noting himself in a manner of speaking as merely the conduit of the day for such knowledge to pass through.

The first Techno-Shaman in a manner of speaking was born with Nikola Tesla who credited some of his discoveries to entities from the other side.

Not too long ago someone questioned me about the value of having a discussion on a certain topic. Every discussion has the power to change the world.

Every discussion does change the world.

Every discussion leads to who knows how many monkeys making changes in their behavior.

These changes will lead people to each other through the Law of Reflection. A little known Karmic Law of Existence that shows the Law of Attraction to be a fable.

Simply stated the Law of Reflection states that we are each both projection of ourselves and our thoughts and a mirror reflection for others in the moment we find ourselves in.

Similar projections have any easy time reflecting what each other is projecting. Life the universe and most things reflects back what you are projecting and that is life as we live it. A hall of mirrors that allows us to see the various reflections of what we project to be who we are.

This is where the idea popped in my head that God made us to give God an image to reflect.

Using the Law of Reflection to attain what you desire means becoming that which is able to have that which is seen as lacking and thus desired. Or to say become the projection of your desire and it will be reflected back at you in the form of synchronicity in those who come into your life.

Here is where I apply what I call The Cinematic View.

If life is a movie, your story will always stay within the context of your character. If you don’t like the way life is going, the only way to change your story is to make changes to the character you are.

For example: In my life I often say I am always open to a new experience, something I’ve never done before. I am telling the universe that my character is ready to embrace anything the Universe wants to throw at me to make my life more interesting in watching the memory reel that is my home movie.

I allow myself to be open to the things or a twist of fate that comes in a moment like lightning to change everything and have that happen at anytime, anywhere I might be. I have a few life goals I want to accomplish however I am open to taking the most interesting of paths to get there that will make for a great story later.

This often leads me to taking the path others missed or creating a new one and having the experiences to allow it to happen.

This is what allows for these synchronicity events to take place. We unconsciously find ourselves surrounded by the living projection/mirrors we need to progress our story based on the intent we have set for our life based on the desire/s chosen in life.

This is why if there is a formula for life it is D = L.

Desire = Life.

Everything we do in life is based on our desire to stay alive and do stuff.

If you want to get into the nut and bolt details after that, it gets really complex. To simplify getting through life I use this tool I call Psychospirilosophy.

Psychology: I find it is a good idea to understand from a psychological health aspect why you are doing or saying anything you are doing or saying.

Spirituality: As long as it does not require you to harm animals or humans, I don’t care what you do.

Philosophy: This is the talk you say you walk. “I always say…” It doesn’t matter what the source is for the wisdom that you use to guide your life as long as it works.

Taking the time to examine a situation from these 3 different though similar views can assist you greatly in figuring your shit out and finding a direction to move in.

If you need someone to bounce something off of you think no one else will understand, hit me up and I bet I have heard it before. I always say I will give anyone 5 minutes of my time and after that it depends on how we both feel after that first 5 minutes.

I love walking that talk.


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