Love unreturned

Fell in a glance
At first look

Beyond romance
My heart you took

I soared for a moment
Free and alive

Then it turned to torment
I know I’ll survive

Never did I want to own you
Only to have you by my side

A choice made by you
Has me feeling dead inside

A choice I respect
Leaving you to your decision

It’s for you to select
Make your own revision

It’s happened before
My love not returned

Onto the healing after closing the door
An icy heart that once burned

A man who loves too hard
And too fast

A hopeless romantic of a bard
With this kind of heartache littering my past

One day it might come
A love that will be returned

Again undone
By my heart and the way it burned

All I wish for thee
Is to find one who’s love you will return

Take your leave of me
And find what makes you burn

Find a life that gives you joy
Find a love that gives you all I feel

Find the man who is no boy
Whose heart you protect instead of steal

I know I will love again
Been down this road too many times

The hopeless romantic I have been
Will love again in time

I take my pain
And let it inspire

To find the art of the insane
Who will never give up on the fire

The Muse can be cruel
When the Muse doesn’t return what she inspires

It’s our love that is her fuel
To keep up her own inner fire

The poets and the musicians
The story tellers and artists of every kind

The Muse fills us with visions
That takes over our hearts and minds

We artists are the fools
Who never stop falling

We are the Muse’s tools
It’s the Muse we are always calling

To fuel the fire
The passion we need

To keep us creating with our desire
Hearts that will ever bleed

Another Muse here and gone
This artist who feels dead inside

Go inspire another artist to write prose or song
I will wait for the next Muse and the next ride


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