The basis of intuition and the power of your voice

In the last 5 years I have dedicated myself to taking my intuitive skills and making them razor sharp as well as understanding how it works and why.

My dad asked me this morning as I was talking to him about some of the difficulties of living life as the Empath I am. When he asked who I go to, I had to stop and think.

I spend most of my time mentoring other people and helping them better understand where it comes from and how to manage it better and sharpen the ability into a skill set. Somewhere over the last 5 years I became an expert on the subject while all I was trying to do was mange me better.

Let’s take a few here to examine a little closer what intuition is and how the power of your voice effects it.

Your voice is a signal and the volume and emotion you put into every word is the power you give your voice, more so than the actual words spoken.

In the Air Force I studied “the signal” which is the wave of energy that carries data across the world and through the entirety of existence. Your voice is every bit as much a signal carrying data across the world and through the entirety of existence.

Though the volume dies out, the emotion carries on and is felt world wide even though most never recognize it at the conscious level. We have felt every word everyone has said in the world since we were born.

We ignore most of this information and it is stored away in the subconscious until it becomes relevant to our life.

The basis of intuition starts here.

When you instantly feel as though you can or can’t trust someone it is due to feeling everything they have ever said. It’s the subconscious now finding that stored away information relevant.

Think about this way.

When we speak a lie we have an emotional tremor line that goes out with our lie that tells the world we are full of shit and the world responds accordingly if they are listening to their intuition. That inner voice that is rarely ever wrong.

Thought and emotional energy has no mass and therefore travels instantaneously across any distance. It’s why I often say the distance is only in our mind. When we speak the emotion and thoughts behind our words hit before we finish speaking.

This would be where we get that feeling of knowing where someone is heading and at times say “Let me cut you off right there.” We do this because we have already felt the entirety of their speech and the emotions and concepts behind it. When we are allow ourselves to give into this intuitive way of reading people we can often jump ahead in the conversation.

It can also lead to some rude behavior at times. Even though we can feel where it is going it is considered to be respectful to allow people to finish. Empaths and Telepaths have hard time with this. They are often already ahead of where the discussion is and it takes exercising self discipline and patience in order to not be rude and say “Let me cut you off right there.”

This is why an intuitive consultant can consult in industries they have no experience in. They allow themselves to be a conduit for what you already know and are ignoring within. There have been many times in my life I have been discussing something with someone and I am able to assist them in making huge strides forward in their projects and what not in 5 minutes or less frequently.

I understand why this upsets people who do not believe intuition is a real thing and would prefer to write it off as mysticism or call it anything but credible. I understand why intuitives get ridiculed in social media and other areas of life. I understand why intuitives are treated with skepticism and animosity at times.

It looks like it all comes easy to us with little to no effort.


It takes a lot of work to master the intuitive nature of oneself that never ends. A lot of intuitives spend their life in a state of hyper vigilance. The more you advance the intuitive side of yourself the more susceptible you can become to what is commonly referred to as psychic attacks.

Be as skeptical as you want, it does exist and ignoring it makes you that much more susceptible to it. It’s not a matter of belief it’s a matter of fact.

In the USA the government has been using people such as myself for decades and has spent millions if not billions in researching how to use it for spy activity.

This was the discussion I had with 2 different CIA agents and one Assassin. The Assassin used to be a teacher at one of the schools the governments recruit from.

Using an advanced intuitive makes interrogation easy and can break through any training one has been given to resit being interrogated. This is what both CIA agents explained to me as to why it is used.

The Assassin was the one who explained to me that most of what the school taught was the basic concepts and then it was a lot of self work by the students to master the skills. This means no one can give it to you in a book or a workshop or a seminar and it relies solely on understanding the concepts are indeed fact and then doing the work yourself. Most of that work is done with a partner in order to build each others skills up.

You get random visits from two CIA agents and an Assassin and see how long it takes you to reveal this where some of your understanding comes from. For me those conversations were more than 5 years ago.

It actually did wonders for me in assisting me in removing my own skepticism about my own being and why I have been doing a lot of this since birth.

If it’s true then why doesn’t the government say something?

“Hi public, we have been lying about this thing we have been hiding for decades…”

Get the point.

The reaction would be sure to cause even more distrust in the government than what already exists and I figure with Trump in office our government is already becoming a farce that the rest of the world is having trouble respecting.

To sum up.

Your voice travels far beyond it’s ability to be heard and is felt worldwide. We are all intuitive to some extent and can strengthen that through self exercise with a little guidance from someone who knows what they are doing and has mastered these skills.

Those who become masters of their intuition are some of the most efficient people in thought, word and action and can often assist anyone in making huge strides forward in whatever it is they wish to accomplish.

For all you skeptics out there, don’t knock it until you have tried it, as you are only limiting yourself and weakening your own intuitive abilities.


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