Righteous Debauchery and The Slow Seduction

As the sun sets and Saturday night begins the longer you wait the better the sin. This is why patience is a virtue.

I posted that status update on Twitter and Facebook and it got me to thinking.

Part of learning Tantra is learning patience. I like to think of what I call The Slow Seduction.

There is an art to seducing with love and not animal lust. It all depends on the pay off you are looking for. I am looking for the kind of sex that you can’t describe however always leaves you wanting more and only wanting it from that one.

Let me talk to you men out there about how to slowly seduce the woman in your life whether it is your girlfriend or your wife.

The Slow Seduction starts with eye contact and keeping it no matter how desirable you find her flesh and no matter how much of it is exposed at the time. A lesson I learned from half naked dancers at a strip club one summer and believe me their flesh made it a difficult lesson to master. I’m still human.


Talk about what matters to you and listen to what matters to her. Speak from the heart about what makes your heart bleed and what motivates you to do what you do and less about what you do. Let them feel it coming from the inside as you expose your soul through your tales told.

This is also known as intimacy and creating it between the two of you.

This is not something you do going out to dinner in a room full of people or in a bar or anywhere there are crowds. You do this somewhere that the two of you can easily focus on each other without distraction. This is why I like walks in the park or finding a place in the park to just sit and talk.

Neil Diamond sings the art of love is who you share it with. I call him the master of all love songs for a reason.

When it comes to romance, it is sharing everything without holding back that shows how vulnerable you are ready to be. It’s in that vulnerability where the intimacy grows and the bond between you both strengthens.

I tell the women in my life who are looking for a man to look for man with the slow hand and an easy touch. A gentleman is gentle and if you are truly opening yourself to someone, a look can do more than any touch.

Then gentlest of touch and taking your time allows passion to build and it is the time you invest in taking your time for the rest that leads to the best.

This is the nice of saying make the foreplay last as long as you can and be gentle. Once you get to that moment where the love making begins, take your time and enjoy the sin.

If you can do this for a wife or girlfriend on a regular basis she will appreciate you forever and a day.

After that it is all about whatever the two of you desire to explore as the beasts come forth to play with each other enjoying the dark desires you share.

Sex, drugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Sex: Be responsible.

Drugs: Use moderation.

Rock ‘N’ Roll: Well it did get its name for having sex in a car.

This is why I’m The Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman by life not choice.


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