Learn to like being corrected if you desire to grow and learn in life

In my mid 20’s I had a fiery passionate relationship with a woman who taught me much in life.

She would correct me as we would talk and I got upset the first time until she said this “I’m trying to make sure you don’t sound like an idiot to everyone else. It’s important to get it right or you do a lot of harm.”

After that I thanked her and have often thanked people who are able to correct me if I am in error.

I work at being accurate and often upset people by correcting what they had no idea was wrong. That’s what Shaman’s do, they give you accurate guidance regardless of what any book says.

It is much more important to the sum of existence to be right than to be liked or respected. When we are incorrect and get others to follow our incorrectness we harm the sum of existence and often inflict suffering on others.

When we allow ourselves to be corrected we show true humility and a true desire to grow and learn. Anything else is defending the image we have created for whatever reason and refuse the correction out of fear of losing status.

Not an opinion. That is a statement of universal and absolute truth of living as a human being.

Shaman’s are supposed to lay it out like that. It’s the lies we live that damage our souls and allow us to inflict damage on each other’s souls. That is not healthy for the sum total.

This is why I say “Unfortunately for some facts do exist.”

It’s why I use this quote from Spock “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.”

It’s absolutely selfish to attempt to make an opinion carry more weight than actual truth. It’s selfish manipulation for the sake of self and self alone in order to gain or maintain status in any given society.

I am picky about where I comment as my brand is not about commenting, it’s about teaching for free and never asking for the donations I make a living off of.

If one sees oneself as a teacher first one has refused to learn the master lesson of teaching.

One who is a master of teaching is always the student first, yet not too humble to think one has nothing to teach.

That carries no label and is a mode of life.

While I use the title Shaman there are many who are as wise as I am and have different ways of expressing the same universal absolute truths of existence who use different titles or no title at all. My local family and friends here in Chico, California has more than a few of them. When I hang out with the people I love most, I am hanging out with peers.

The only peer pressure in our peer group is to love more and to do it from the core. One love, one race is our mantra.

We learn and grow with each other in every moment shared. We allow ourselves to be corrected by each other and often give thanks for the correction.

We meet eye to eye with arms wide open for a big ol’ love hug to keep sharing with all we meet eye to eye with open arms.

Love is honest in all things and anytime you deceive you are not loving others, you are hurting them and causing them to suffer.

Again this just happens to be how it actually works. It’s nothing new by an infinite shot.

We all float like butterflies and it is delivering the sting of the truth that transforms us from butterfly to bee in metaphor.

The butterfly is a metaphor for transformation.

When we allow ourselves to be corrected we allow ourselves to be transformed in the moment.


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