In time

I had one come after me
Wanted to bind and own me

Then I remembered where I last felt free
In the arms of another she

Feeling fully restored
Now I am a little bored

Lost in eyes that saw me true
Lost in the others view

I never tried to find this place
That I live in after an embrace

Patience comes with ease
As I wait for what made me weak in the knees

It’s been so long since I have tasted something like this
I call it peace with a side of bliss

It makes it easy to find my way
Even when playing in the sway

Every muse leaves their mark
On the artists heart that is where she lit the spark

Feeling at home in my own skin
Seeing without seeing sin

Reclaimed my darkness as my own
My sacred space that is my creative home

I need no other to join me in this space
I found me whole behind my own face

In time one might join me of her own choice
Using the power of her own voice

The last the dared to try and bind me
Never again in the darkness will find me

The one who set me free
Is always free with or without me

I have no desire to own thee
I accept that which comes willingly

To find the love I have to share
With one who will take the dare

To meet me in the dark
To see what might spark

I sit and wait
As the muse does hesitate

What fate shall become of me
As I dream of thee

In time the story will unfold
What doe this story hold

Only two will know
And only if they join their flow

The flow of love that springs from within
The flow between two that can find no sin

No games ever played
What stands in our way will be slayed

The beast stirs within
Waiting to begin

In time
Will she choose to be mine

A choice
Made by her voice

Ever waiting
For the muse to stop hesitating


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