Changing your instincts

Here’s the instincts I changed and have been teaching people to change for more than a decade.

Fight or flight.

We are all familiar with the basic concept of the choice we each make when faced with opposition or the unknown. We either fight it at first or walk away from it and dismiss it completely.

My clients often get this simple guidance where fear is concerned. “Fuck fear!”

In fact one of my former clients got it this morning while I was having my morning coffee and a spliff, catching up with all that happened while I slept.

Using the Psychospirilosophy tool allows anyone to change this fight or flight response to a neutral investigative response. Here’s why and how it works.

The tool asks you to run through these 3 processes of thought.

Psychologically speaking is what I am thinking or thinking about doing healthy. This begins the exploration of how one got to this moment to feel the way one does about what one is thinking or feeling. It allows one the opportunity to look inward and understand oneself and one’s intent better.

I have always said that as long as your spiritual path does not require you to kill animals or people, have something, I don’t care what.

Taking the time to explore whether or not what one is thinking or thinking about doing is in accordance with the spiritual path one has chosen can reveal much about why one is feeling the way one is feeling. One’s faith is tested in walking the talk of that chosen spiritual path.

Faith is tested by life frequently and it is either strengthened or destroyed in these moments of testing and can be renewed or reshaped as experience teaches one if one’s faith is blind or false or holds true based on one’s chosen spiritual path and how one lives it.

Why does a thought or feeling about something seem to have me questioning my faith?

It is often that among different faiths and spiritual paths that the concepts are similar when it comes to living a spiritually aligned life.

Taking time to investigate the faith of another can often lead to a strengthening of ones own faith and foster understanding instead of creating friction.

My own personal philosophy that sends me on the dive to investigate first is that to understand oneself in the moment is to understand the rest sharing it with you.

Letting the understanding that we are all human and if it makes sense to me it might make sense to anyone. The key question for me is always how would I feel if someone said it to me?

Taking yourself out of the issue and taking the opportunity to engage in the exercise of empathy creates mindfulness and raises awareness.

Patience exercised is patience cultivated. The more you engage in the investigate process the more it becomes the natural instinct.

Anyone can use the Psychospirilosophy tool and most of us do without realizing to a certain extent. I just gave it a clever name.

It takes work to change oneself.

It takes a choice made repeatedly to create routine that becomes an instinct.

The power is always yours and that power is the power of choice.


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