Cold Comfort

Cold comfort
A last resort
A place to run and hide
When you need a break from the tide
We all have that day
That we need to get out of sway
Taking time to decompress
Letting go of all the stress
Needing time in solitude
Is not rude
Sometimes it’s the seclusion
That stops the explosion
Alone in the dark
A day in a park
Getting away from it all
To bring you out of the stall
That feels like a downward spiral into the pit
That has us wanting to forget
It’s in surrender to what is creeping up within
That the rise up will begin
Relight the fire
That will take you higher
Never feel as though you are being rude
When you need that solitude
Take the time you need to feel like you
And fix your view
That let’s you see letting go of what was that kept hurting you
Brings in something new
Something that appreciates all you are
Sees that bright inner star
To have that one must let go of the past
To have a shot at something that will last
Cold comfort
Is the last resort
That gives you the chance to be free
And find that which will always support thee

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