Take a Stand

In life we have those times
When we feel the need to cross those lines
The ones others create and then expect
That we all show them respect
Even when they themselves show no respect to anyone
They talk about “Hey I ‘m having fun”
Not caring who they hurt
They are lower than dirt
These are the people who cause suffering for others
All our sisters and brothers
The have no place to cry foul or lash out
Simply because they can’t take what they have been dishing out
When you take a stand against those like this
It’s easy to hit and never miss
Beware the fury of the meek
Who are anything but weak
When one gives it over to higher power
Time after time and hour after hour
There are times
When the higher power says no destroy their lines
This is when you have no guilt
Destroying all they built
They built by feeding off others
Our sisters and our brothers
They put themselves first in all things
Then cry like a little bitch when hit with their reaping
They sowed in pain
Causing suffering for others in vain of their own name
Let there tears fall in lonely dark places
Let them remember all the faces
Of those they scorned and tossed aside
As if it was just part of the ride
Take a stand when you see the bullshit
Or you are part of it
Call them out every time
Fuck their made up lines
No one deserves respect
It something you earn not expect
Take a stand even on your own
When you stand for what’s right you never stand alone
When the gloves come off one who is meek
Then we see who truly is weak

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