Lost in you

Getting lost
Has no cost

It’s a way
To understand the sway

Finding direction
Through inner reflection

First let go
Into the flow

See where it takes you
Let it change your view

Let it bring out
The things you doubt

That you can do
See what’s really in you

Let go of their view
It will only fuck you

If you’re going to bring it true from the deep within
Forget about the idea of sin

Let passions fire
Rise higher and higher

Let what fuels the fire
Become your living desire

To fly like the fire bird
Soaring ever higher with every word

Let it pour from your soul
Knowing you are whole

Letting your wants for fleshly pleasure
Be with one you will always treasure

Let that lust fly
And take it beyond the sky

Connect and mate our souls in loves embrace
Let it take you every place

That place you never thought you could go
Come on and let go

Let’s find the night
To be in delight

Starting with the never ending conversation
That leads to the ultimate sexual relation

A bond built on trust
So you can fully unleash the lust

Get lost in the eyes
Never in lies

Let go into the we
And tell me what you see

In your eyes I get lost
And to stay there I would pay any cost

In your arms freedom found
No I’m totally unbound

I might be intense
From me you will never need defense

Now I am lost in you
Come get lost in me too


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