To be

There is a sound
That when it comes around
Some run to find any noise they can
As a silent moment arrived and began
In silence nothing blocks out
The things that never need to shout
The feeling we try to ignore
Kept behind our silver door
A place to hide
The things that cause a shift in the tide
While we wear a mask
For any given task
Wishing someone would see what it meant
Why we are not broken but a little bent
In those moments of silent clarity
Look for the rarity
That reveals the change in history
As you live a similar story
See the changes in you
Turning the mirror inward to view
Let the silence seep in
So the real journey can begin
Journey through your sacred dark
To find out what makes you spark
Rip off the mask
No matter the task
Be your living art
Every day from the start
Every breath refining the design
Every thought and every spoken line
Creating the art they all take in
Never finding an end
To all the possibility
Regardless of the probability
Live in evolution
To live art’s revolution
Then when silence comes again
Let the fun begin
Mastering your sacred space
Making it truly your own place
Never again living in fear of the dark
Diving deep to light your own spark
Break the dark mirror
Known as fear
Live free
To be
To be

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