At the end of the silver line

At the end of the silver line there is a woods for those out of the game
A place that has no name

A place to find serenity
A place that lives in eternity

In my Dojo I sit meditating
Sitting and waiting

At peace with creation
In bliss with a side of elation

No need to knock there is no door
Come take up a place next to me on the floor

Tell me what brought you here
Now that we know you have conquered fear

If you have a secret
A regret

You’ll never make it off the line
You’ll be tied to it in your mind

Let go of who you have been
Forgive yourself for the sin

Live in the now the never ends
To break free of the line and find the woods of legend

Out of the game
In the woods with no name

A place to explore
What you never could before

It’s not heaven and it’s not hell
It’s the place of the never ending spell

The only thing missing in this verse
Is a queen to be the center of my universe

One who enjoys these woods I found
One who is willing to stick around

One that knows how to share bliss
Without even one kiss

One who feels me from the core
To even find my Dojo missing a door


When the mirror retracts
And there are no more acts

When all that’s left is me and you
I look forward to that view

Though still from time to time
I look to see if anyone is coming down the line

Always people crossing from side to side
Based on their own inner tide

But one done with the game
Looking for the woods with no name

This one I cannot find
Though I still look from time to time

Then it’s back to my Dojo and my own bliss
The game is nothing I miss


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