The Muse Strikes

The Muse strikes in the day and the night

She strikes beyond sight

She strikes at the core

She opens the creativity door

In the darkest part of your soul and being

Bringing to life something new worth seeing

Maybe a new twist on an old time

Maybe something new with and old twist in mind

When she strikes with love

It’s twice she strikes of this you can be sure of

Once that has you falling

Finding new poetic ways of calling

Then as the gypsy heart the muse she is gone

And the poetry is spewed forth and cried through until dawn

Broken hearts

Create great art

Fools whose hearts sing

Can be ever creating

It’s in the loss

You find the cost

The one you hoped not to pay

As you fell for the muse anyway

Each and every muse had me when our eyes met

Something I’ll never regret

Let what awaken with each one

Never come undone

Let these muses be free

To inspire all of thee

If you be loved by one you be loved by all

Let yourself ever fall

My best advice

Because it’s never the same trip twice





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