The Cool can take many forms

There are many forms The Cool can take, however there some basics about being cool that you can’t fake and either you got it or you don’t.

It can be that magical ‘IT” factor.

My first character study of The Cool was on an old TV show called HAPPY DAYS.

The Fonz lived The Cool.


What fashion trends?

Fuck fashion trends. If you got The Cool you set the trend and change as the trend catches up to you.


To be cool that means there is very little that disrupts your cool.

That which does are the kinds of things that make you so cool to begin with just in being The Cool personified in this form right here.

Then The Cool being a morphing thing, will take many forms and you can see cool cats of various stripes and spots and colors all over and each of them ripping the cool with every word and action.

At times that is a silence and stillness exuding The Cool and letting it fill the air.


You speak when it is worth hearing or you don’t speak when you got The Cool.

You quote yourself more than any one else showing it’s cool to be wise and to have already leaned how to live it as you speak it and not try to copy some other wise ass who figure it out too.


Even if it’s a genre you don’t like you can feel cool without having to like it.

If you are in music, you show The Cool by leaving it all on the stage and then give them more and more with an encore or two.


Anyone who ever lived The Cool was a stone cold individual.

James Dean.

Chuck Berry

Jimi Hendrix

Billy Gibbons

Ozzy Osbourne

Michael Jackson



Dolly Parton

Carrie Fisher

Debbie Reynolds

Robin Williams

George Michael

Elton John

Bruce WIllis

Helen Mirren

Betty White

Serena Williams

Freddy Mercury

Bruce Lee

Bob Marley

and many others.

However you see how diverse The Cool is and it knows no race, it knows no age and it doesn’t give two fucks about the plumbing you were born with.

Find The Cool in you and be cool and be chill unless there is a really good reason for it.



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