It doesn’t take perfection

It doesn’t take perfection

To win my affection

Is doesn’t take direction

To get my attention

Just be who you are

Show me that inner star

Show me the love you live

And I will give give give

To put a smile on your face

In every sacred space

The space we share

If you dare

Could become and embrace driven by lust

However it is never a must

Share with me your presence

To give me presents

Give me your attention

Even if you can’t give me your affection

I will never give direction

As you are already perfection

If you ask my advice

I will always think twice

I never want to be the one and it ain’t no joke

That left your heart broke

I love hard and with all I got

Now matter the spot

I keep my hands to myself

Until you pull me off the shelf

I work for your trust

Not your lust

I will take it if given

And I’ll take you to heaven

A trip for two

No one else gets to view

Your presence is the gift to my soul

But I don’t need you to make me whole

If you get me to break and make the first move

Hold on for one hell of a groove

Patience is a virtue

Yes it’s true

The longer you wait to give in

The better the sin

Righteous debauchery when soul and flesh combine

I am going enjoy taking my time

Make it last

To give you a reason to look at the past

I am no whore

Just want to make sure you’ll want more

Even if it never gets that far

I love you for your inner star

I always want you presence

I don’t need any presents

Be your own version of perfection

And you will always get my attention



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