Holding sacred space for every face

When you fall in love every day
You love living this way
It only takes one look
To get hooked
You hear a voice
There’s no other choice
They say it takes a fool
Fuck that rule
It’s the wise
That falls for what’s behind the eyes
When you love like this
You never need even a kiss
You love to the core of the soul
Never feeling unwhole
Loving with your whole being
All that you are seeing
Heart wide open
And they all are chosen
It’s the beauty seen within
That never let’s you sin
Even in the lovers embrace
It’s always face to face
Eye to eye locked in the lovers gaze
That removes ever last bit of haze
It’s a love that grows
Every time it shows
Always connected
Never neglected
Every day in love with life
Even without a husband or a wife
Without a lover to share your bed
A love that never be tested
In love with life and who you are
Allows you to see their star
With any and all
You leap into love and never fall
Every being
Becomes worth seeing
Picking just one
Can never be done
Keep me as long as you can stand me
Know the love will always be
When you live in love with all
You love all eternal
Never do you taste heartache
Unless it be for their sake
Hurting with or for them
Removing all the thorns from your stem
Always a rose in bloom
For all you have room
Holding the most sacred of space
For all you meet face to face

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