Evolving star

In the darkest part of the dark
Is where you light the spark

The light that grows
As it flows

It’s where the light goes to refine
To change its shine

To bring to life something new
From a different view

Wearing it like it fits
No matter how much fire the dragon spits

It’s in heart of the dark
That’s where true art finds its spark

Livin’ in the sway
All night and day

Flowin’ on that ocean
Known as emotion

Never afraid to bring forth something new
And let it be something for all to view

Let the fire burn bright
So what if it gives some a fright

Live what brings passion flame
Always evolving and never the same

Let yourself go
Get into the flow

Forget about thinkin’ your way through
Let the art live through you

Give in
As if you are already forgiven

Enjoy what’s in the dark
That gives your living art its spark

Never feel shame for who you are
And let yourself be that star

Live the story
Fuck off the idea of glory

Make your choices and lay in your bed
Then sleep as if you were dead

When you rise reborn as someone new
Who has a slightly different view

Let is come from deep within
And never let it feel like sin

Be the living art
Live your new part

Never let it be pretend
Never feel the need to defend

It’s only in the dark
You can change your spark

Never go in fear
Never stop a single tear

Let if flow from the core
That opens every door

Love yourself true
No matter the living art view

Never forget who you are
An ever evolving star



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