There is an Angel down

If you have not had a chance to listen to the album Joanne by one Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta AKA Lady GaGa then you are missing out on her best album to date. It is a soul to soul connection with every song, at least is for this Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman.

The song Angel Down has become one of my favorites in the now and has been since the first time I listened to it shortly after the album came out. I have it on repeat while I am writing this buzz. When we get into the lyrics I think you will understand why.

I have a vested interest in social media. Keep that in mind as we go. I will be and do every time I hear this song.

I confess I am lost
In the age of the social
On our knees, take a test
To be lovin’ and grateful

I am a master intuitive and there is no lying to me and I know exactly what happens and why.

It’s too often in all of social media that people feel fine about tearing others down and doing everything they can to discredit people.

I am as honest as it gets. I do not lie.

There are times I feel lost in the age of the social.

These games that get played screw with peoples livelihoods and at some point will involve a lawsuit or worse someone will commit suicide and it will get out which social media platform they were on.

We have seen the stories of teens killing themselves over social media bullying.

I have a vested interest as a Brand Ambassador in the success of beBee.

I want beBee to succeed. I want America to love beBee the way I do.

America is the most sue happy country in the world. I do not want to see beBee go down because some people feel as though they can go around and try to ruin others.

Let’s not get lost in the age of the social and remember this is not a game and real people are on every social media site and what goes on does effect their lives.

This is a great community for building your personal brand.



I swore an oath when I went in the Air Force to uphold the Constitution meaning I would give my life for the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech is not the freedom to slander.

I talk beBee up everywhere and that includes the radio interview I did today that was all about me. I talk about beBee with my friends and family. I talk about it every Friday night during my community service night at The Bassmint in Chico, California.

I don’t get on my knees for anyone for any reason. I am grateful to people who give me reason to be grateful.

I spend a lot of my time in charity/free work showing my love for humanity.

I live my love for humanity.

Shots were fired on the street
By the church where we used to meet
Angel down, angel down
But the people just stood around

It’s been said by more than a few in more than a few different ways that the worst thing we can do in the face of what we know to be wrong is to do and say nothing.

It’s the most damaging thing we can do and the most inhumane thing we can do is to ignore and turn a blind eye for any reason. There is absolutely no excuse if we are to say we love people and want to be seen as someone who wants to help.

The most savage thing we do is sit back and watch or laugh or join in to fit in with people who think slander is OK and find every way they can do it whether it is overt or subtle.

Even worse than that is when we meet hate with hate. This is why I have ignored everything about our president and the protesters who hate as much as he does and fill the air with rage that helps no one and brings us closer and closer to violence and the spilling of blood.

I’m a believer, it’s a trial
Foolish and weaker, oh, oh, oh
I’d rather save an angel down
I’m a believer, it’s chaos
Where are our leaders? Oh, oh, oh
I’d rather save an angel down

I have said it many time that title has nothing to do with leadership and it doesn’t. Title is authority and behavior determines leadership.

Where are our leaders who will show the people how to protest in peace. Where is the Gandhi and MLK of our day?

At times I feel the need to get involved and speak my mind to knock off all the fuckin hate and get the fuck over the past.

I quote the film Network. “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

I am mad because it hurts.

It’s heartbreaking the things that go on in our world. It’s heartbreaking the foolish and the weak think hate is the answer.

It takes a great fool who is insecure and weak to use hate and slanderous speech thinking it will make anything better.

It’s chaos they drive with their hate speech and their slander. Causing fear to run through everywhere that anyone of us will be their next target. It makes it worse when nothing is said or done about it. That makes it look like it is OK and is supported by many.

Simple fact of humanity and how the human mind and emotions work and are manipulated to oppress.

I spend most my time looking for people who need someone to assist them when they are that angel down. 99.999% of the time I do it for free because of my love for humanity and my dedication as a Shaman has not one thing to do with making money.

I’ve done it that way my entire life and if anyone wants to hire someone to check my life story out use the name James Clayton Carter Jr, the name I was born with. Max is my professional name. I guarantee every word I have written in the last few years is 100% true, every word.

I guarantee you will find people who will tell you if you ever need someone go to me first because you will not have to go any further if there is something I can do to help no matter what it cost me. I have been living that for 42 years.

I am always looking for the angel down.

Doesn’t everyone belong
In the arms of the sacred
Why do we pretend we’re wrong?
Has our young courage faded?

It takes courage to embrace those in pain and who are wearing the mask of anger.

There are no toxic people, only people who are unwell in need of love and understanding so maybe they can heal and stop all the hate and anger and slanderous speech.

Everyone belongs here on this earth wherever it is they are right now because this whole planet is our home. We are one human race.

Why do we pretend that is wrong?

Why do we pretend we can say who belongs where and who should be allowed and who should be included?

Why do any of us pretend we have the right to exclude anyone from anything?

That takes being coward to exclude people. A coward is someone who let’s fear make their decisions.

Save that angel
Hear that angel
Catch my angel

We are here on this Earth to be human beings.

We are here to learn what it means to be decent human beings and to find a way to keep this thing called humanity going.

Not an opinion and I just happen to be a Shaman born connected to the infinite giving me the ability to give that answer regardless of what any book says. I just happen to be #BornThisWay.

We are here to hear each other and catch each other when we fall. We are here to save each other and not inflict the pain we feel any deserves or to take advantage of each other because we can and because it works and is legal.

Any questions.


#LadyGaga #AngelDown #ProHuman #RockAndRollShaman #BornThisWay


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