I got love for all your hate

I got no hate to give

Hate is no way to live

I got love for all your hate

You can do it too, it’s not too late

One love

Needs no shove

One race

In every human face

Meet eye to eye with open arms

There is no need to do harm

Share the love in every embrace

With each and every human face

One love is one race

We live in every place

History can bite my ass

Holding on to it shows you have no class

It holds hate and creates more

Closing love’s door

Fuck the hate of the past

Don’t let it last

Heal the pain

To become sane

Hate only breeds hate

That is a dead end fate

One love is what we need

One race of only the human breed

It’s not too late

To keep on creating this new kind of fate

It’s a shared reality

Let’s not let it become fatality

Change your view

To heal the pain inside of you

One love one race

Love every human no matter the face


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