Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll

There is a history behind that title.

Rock ‘N’ Roll got its name for being the music people were listening to when they went out to the car to smoke some weed and snort some cocaine and fuck in the car, causing it to rock and roll. Here’s how your friendly neighborhood Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman uses that title in life.

Sex: Be responsible.

Drugs: Use in moderation.

Rock ‘N’ Roll: Fuck it and blow your ear drums out crankin’ it to 11.

There have been a few hashtags I have been using a lot recently in some of my social media posting across Social Media Land.

#OneLoveOneRace #ProHumanSoHuman #MoreHugsLessHate

Last night at The Bassmint more than few conversations were had trying to figure out if maybe I am onto something or crazier than usual. I might be as crazy as bat shit gets, however I’m an infinite shot away from bein’ stupid.

I want to start where the night ended.

Chico is home to Chico State University. A school that has a history of being a party school. One of the most frustrating things for me as a local is when I talk to people who tell me all they remember about their one time in Chico is how drunk they got. This community is a hell of a lot more than the image the college has given it over the years.

The college itself over the years has done more to harm Chico than help it. They did a study once that showed in Chico California the average wage to average rent is more disproportionate here than anywhere else in the USA. The city of Chico has done everything it can to chase off any employer that would free the city from it’s dependence on the college for economic survival.

The reason the rents are so high is because many of the college students have mom and dad footing the bill from a far. These humans often come from families with money to spend so the local property owners jack up the rent and have for decades. My dad used to be the on call repair guy for a few of these property owners in town for 20 years. Or to say I have heard property owners admit it in front of me.

This makes it difficult for the locals who call this home to afford to live in the place they grew up.

Chico is mostly retail and service oriented business, such as restaurants and bars and is centered around giving the college students something to do while they are here. During the summer is financial famine season every summer when school is out and the students leave.

Last night I met a 22 year old woman who gives me hope for her generation in the conversation we had. She is working on a short documentary to showcase Chico beyond the university. I encouraged her to create a beBee profile and tell her story as she is going. We had a long conversation and it was one we both needed. It does my heart good when I meet people like this who came here and are as blown away by this small college town as I am as a local who grew up here.

There is a reason I have always come back no matter how many times I have left and why even if I go gypsy, this will be my home base forever and a day.

The hometown crowd was representing well last night. A few of the people I know happen to be locals and from the same family. Some of the finer human beings I know who get it and live it.

One of them is a woman I have talked to a couple times and last night we had nice long talk. It was filled with a sharing of views and me being the Shaman I am and giving a little nudge and assist on her journey yet still respecting it’s her journey and I am merely a guide.

A guide doing the job right gives a little nudge here and there to get you to own your view as you shape it. I have trained myself to be able to connect to many various spiritual paths so I can connect with people where they are. If I had to explain what I use, well it is this simple.

I use the the nameless and faceless Rock Gods and Goddesses and allow music to guide my life. That’s the closest representation to the idea of God I use in life. It works for me and you do what works for you. I often tell people on that unity journey of transcending into the awakened state to not be afraid of creating their own thing when it comes to spirituality.

If I had a specific set of teachings I use, it’s something I created I call The Book of Khaos Majick and in terms of Wicca it would be my personal self created grimoire or book of spells and invocations. I have posted it here on beBee with a disclaimer that I do not want anyone using it as theirs and I do not want anyone following me as a result of this set of teachings. I did it as an exercise in understanding how to create dogma.

Part of what I describe in this book is the power of names. The name you use to call upon whatever it is you call upon is how it will behave and is the power you give it over you. This was part of last nights talk with a friend.

I am a strategist by nature. As a child I loved chess and every other game of strategy. Up until age 9 I lived in a neighborhood with a few other children in it. We used to play war and it was always everyone against me until it had to be everyone against me because I learned how to beat them anyway. It’s been a theme for my life.

I have plans for the day I have the money to bring them to life and it all centers around art, education, sustainability my hometown and my passion for film and music.

Bard School: The idea is to buy foreclosed homes and remodel them to be sustainable teaching centers. Garden and solar with the Tesla Power wall system to make sure the teacher/s living in each home can grow their food and not have to rely on payment in order to teach whatever it is they are teaching.

Teaching trades at the same time.

Teaching people how to grow their own food.

By donation classes and no donation required.

The Artist Complex: A self sustaining artist community with retail outlet.

A restaurant that has the organically grown food on the menu and because of the self sustaining nature of the complex there is a free menu so every one can get at least one or two meals a day even if they can’t afford it.

A clothing store stocked with the fashions designed by those living in the complex and all clothing made from the hemp the complex grows.

An art gallery that showcases a wide variety of art based on the artists who live at the complex.

A theater/concert hall.

Free art classes.

Small film and music studios.

Small electronic arts studio.

And more.

The Suicide Flowers: The only first movie I ever want to make. Pete Conrad wrote the book and the script. We have our marketing plan all put together and it’s fluid based on the now that sees us with the at least $5 million it’s going to take to do it our way. Funny enough social media plays heavy in the master plan.

Believe it or not I do read what I write.

It was a month ago today I was as shocked as everyone else when I was named a Brand Ambassador for beBee. Last night it showed how much it has refined me and the brand I live as The Rock ‘N’ Shaman.

Or to say it came up a few times with a few people. 😉


That was a theme for the night.

I had several conversations with several people about the power they have to use their voice based on what they observe. Conversations encouraging them to speak up more.

One of the things I teach is unity. That goes beyond one human race into one androgynous human race unless sex is on the table.

One of the men I talk to each week I do so as a peer that I feel could easily point out any holes there might be in my thinking. We talked about taking this androgynous first view and only seeing a human unless sex was on the table.

The one thing he pointed out and I agreed with him about is that the human will always be a savage and to engage in that view and live it is a challenging idea, but a good one on the humanism level.

I love sex. I did not become a Tantra Master to not have sex. Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Sex: Be responsible.

Intimacy and sex are two different things. True intimacy can lead to the best sex you can have regardless of the partnering.

When you have true intimacy you can explore any sexual desire together to see what does and does not get the two of you off. The personal attitude I have taken towards sex is to give pleasure. As an Empath I ride the emotional wave of the human I am locked into. Take sex out of the picture and I am picky as hell about who I lock into on a committed relationship basis.

The best sex I have ever had has been married sex. It’s why I keep getting married and am open to doing it a 4th a time.

Universal fact of humanness.

The better you can make another human being orgasm the more of your shit they will put up with.

Sex is the easy part.

It’s finding a best friend you can endlessly talk to about life, the universe and most things and whatever is going on now that is difficult as hell to find some days in someone you want to have sex with on a regular basis and sleep next to the nights all you do is sleep.

It’s how well you sleep next to someone the nights there is no sex that reveals how comfortable you are with them and how secure you feel with them next to you.

This works no matter what the coupling looks like.

Drugs: Use in moderation.

I have read a number of research studies over the years and recently that support the use of psychedelic drugs in medicinal use.

Abuse of psychedelic drugs in recreational use has killed people. It has left some in an endless trip. It has destroyed some beautiful minds and souls in the name of a good time.

You will live with your choices and I encourage moderation and hell yes even I go fully recreational at times in life with my choices. It is on rare occasion I allow myself to abuse a substance for whatever reason I am abusing it. I know when I am abusing and I hold myself accountable to myself before I even decide to do it.

Rock ‘N’ Roll: Fuck it and blow your ear drums out crankin it to 11.

I have this sort of routine I do with my Skull and Rose covered hat I wear out on Friday nights. I was talking with a brother last night about him producing the video of that routine and finding the right music to put behind it. The man is an artist to the core. I am a performer and I try to deny that about myself, but it’s true.

I trust my brother to bring out my best performance for this video that will become part of my branding. There is an art to capturing the performance of others and being able to work in synergy with them in the artistic process. This is what Producers, Directors and Editors do if they are doing it right.

They understand the artistic view and the many ways it can be expressed and are always looking to bring out the best in the art around them.

My brother lives and breathes this being from his core.

Same guy who first suggested to me I put some music behind my spoken word and showed up one night with some sick beats that brought out an improv performance that was a rush like no other I have ever felt.

I have that inner performer and I try to deny it, but it’s there.

For me this was just another Friday night spent with family hangin’ out in front of The Bassmint in Chico California and we are there every Friday night.

If you need a place to go on vacation, come hang out with us some time. I will show you every reason you will come back for a second visit throughout the week and top it off with a Friday night at The Bassmint and the live show that never ends.

It would be great to have some tales to tell of the Bees who made it that one night.



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