History is a prison

History is a prison.

History keeps us from growing.

History keeps us divided.

We are a species that is evolving and in order to do that we must let go of history and become something more than we have been.

One Human Race.

That means history based on culture and location and who originated where has to be let go of so we can be one race united in human interests first and foremost.

Anything else keeps us divided and using history as an excuse to not be one race united.

One love means one race.

I myself have in my ancestry African blood, Asian blood, Middle Eastern blood, East Indian Blood, Eastern and Western European blood and Native American blood.

It could be why I don’t really care about cultural history or who came from where as my ancestors didn’t seem to give a fuck either.

What I do care about is human beings in the now.

In the United States we are on the verge of Civil War 2 because we care more about history than we do each other as human beings. We care more about who did what to who and when than we do about caring about what we can do in the now to be united as one race worldwide.

We have let history keep us divided and keep hate alive instead of learning our lesson from history that holding on to the past only keeps us divided and keeps us from becoming a one world united as one race with one love.

I am pro human and fuck anything more than that.

Anything more than that is what has led us to the brink of Civil War 2 in the USA.

If you are going to say One Love that means One Race too.

One human race.

Raising your vibration and becoming awake begins in letting go of history and living in the now. This is what I have been teaching as a Shaman for years and living my entire life. Maybe my diverse genetics has something to do with that, maybe not.

It also means that gender only matters if sex is on the table.

Every single one of us has both feminine and masculine energy to balance out in order to achieve living unified in mind body and spirit.

The shift in consciousness we are going through is about transcending duality and embracing unity. Living in androgyny unless sex is involved. That’s what living awake means.

I’m a citizen of the world.

My history spans the globe through my blood. Down to my DNA, the very building blocks of who I am screams from within to forget the hate of the past and heal the pain in the now. Screams.

It’s individual choice. I can’t make the choice for you and you can’t make the choice for others.

There is a lot we could be doing if we were not prisoners of history. If you would like me to come and speak to any size group please email me at maxpoppasmokecarter@gmail.com.

If you are ever in Chico California on a Friday night, come down to The Bassmint DJ dance club and I will be outside waiting for you, whoever you are.

If you want some one on one video session time with me, please feel free to find me on Skype. facebook:maxpoppasmokecarter

One on one I work by donation. Yeah I know people will take advantage of that and I don’t give a fuck. It’s called being a Shaman and living what that title means.

#ProHumanSoHuman #OneLoveOneRace #RockAndRollShaman



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