Winding down Wednesday


It was a wash for me today.

Not very productive.

It’s OK to have those days.

It’s days like these I remember something I once heard.

At times for those who feel deeply the choice is between boredom and suffering.

The boredom is in emotionally shutting down.

The suffering is in being open to the world and feeling the suffering going on out there for far too many.

It’s days like these it’s hard not to feel that suffering and even harder not to feel the rage masking it.

Empaths the world over I am sure have been feeling it.

It’s why I am dedicated to the idea of forgetting about the hate and healing the pain.

It’s why that one love is needed to be embraced by more and more so that maybe we can help heal that pain with love and understanding.

Maybe we can put an end to the suffering.

Days like today when I can’t stand the boredom a lot of what I post is feeling where the pain is coming from that spurs on the rage.

Human is human and we are all human.

Can we fucking forget the history of who started where and what color our fucking skin is and what our fucking plumbing is and what our sexual identity is long enough to just be fucking human please and thank you for fucks sake.

That’s my own frustration with what is causing all the pain and all the hate.

Can we get the fuck over it and just be human even for a day.

Imagine what would happen if tomorrow we all saw androgyny void of skin color and all the other shit we use to label ourselves and each other.

I do and it’s fucking beautiful.

#ProHumanSoHuman. #OneLove

And for the record I am not white. My genetics is African, Asian, Nordic, Western and Eastern European, Middle Eastern, East Indian and Native American,

I just look white.



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