Logic is but the first step to wisdom

A line uttered by a personal hero of mine known simply as Spock.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.”

Another defining piece of wisdom that has been a guiding light in my life.

Spock was always the character I identified with the most. I often felt like the outsider no one seemed to understand. Something many can identify with and the reason why Spock became a hero to many.

Half human and half Vulcan and never totally accepted by either.

How many of us feel unaccepted for whatever reason?

A character brought to life by the talented Leonard Nimoy who was also a humanist. I was watching the documentary that Leonard’s son made about this hero to many, even his own son.

In it there is a piece about the animated series and the casting that went into it. Originally they were going to leave out George Takei and Nichelle Nichols and it was Leonard who said that diversity was part of what Star Trek was all about and if his fellow cast members from the TV show that were the representation of that diversity were left out of the cartoon, they could count him out too.

That is what you call greatness in action. It’s that kind of integrity that makes great humans.

How often to we let our own personal desires allow us to exclude others?

I was in a discussion with someone recently who was piss whining and moaning about having the power to exclude others from their online group on a social networking site. I am not mentioning which one because it is the issue I want to talk about, not websites or particular individuals.

Why do we seek to exclude and why do we think our desires outweigh the needs of the many?

Why do we seek create social circles built on exclusion?

I am not talking about online, I am talking about in life in general.

You can take a look around and find many groups, associations, clubs, schools and what not that have a long list of what it takes to be a part and if you don’t measure up…

What is it that makes us feel the need to elevate ourselves above others?

What is it going to take for us to see each other as equals with no one having the right elevate themselves above any other?

I recently created a Hive here on beBee that is a repository of my life’s work that will never become a book. Here’s why.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or this one.

I maintain that everyone is entitled to the education they can understand not he one they can afford.

I don’t ever support any self help books or collections of personal wisdom or guides to attaining wisdom or leadership books or any of the number of areas in non fiction. I don’t write them and I don’t buy them and I will never suggest that anyone buy these books and will always suggest they ignore them. Here’s why.

Each of us spends our life accumulating wisdom or understanding and we are not entitled to be paid for writing it down less we be acting from a narcissistic place insisting that we should be paid for our choice to live as we did to gain such insights that are truly priceless. I personally have no problem charging for my time for a speaking engagement or a one on session. Here’s why.

My time with you can easily go to one of my charity clients who can’t afford what I charge however need it anyway and I am the kind of man who can’t say no when I feel how real the need is and I am not about to be a heartless, soulless human who insists that everyone pay my price or no dice. However my paying clients allow me to do more for my charity clients.

I have never turned anyone away in my life who was willing to do the work simply because they could not afford my hourly rate.

I made a promise to myself to be the change I want to see in the world. To live that means I understand I made the promise to the rest of the world too. It also means my kindness is taken advantage on a regular basis and I allow it knowing it’s going on.

I am an Empath and a Telepath and I always know what’s going on when engaged with someone one on one. I rarely make an issue of it because I figure it’s their guilt to live with that they will never escape and the Karmic Law of reaping as you sow will catch up with them.

It catches up with me all the time as allowing people to take advantage of my kindness projects outward to the world that I will let you do it. Whether I say it or not, you all feel it on the subconscious level.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or this one.

Live the change you want to see in the world.

I want see a world where no one is ever denied because of a lack of money.

I want to see a world where your actions, not your book gives you credibility in the eyes of others.

I want to see a world where it is integrity that matters, not being published.

I want to see a world where we all live taking care of the needs of the many and tell the few or the one that elevates their needs above others to go fuck themselves.

Logic is but the first step to wisdom

Thank you Mr. Nimoy for bringing a hero to life for me and the rest who noticed.

Your memory will live long and prosper in the hearts and minds of many for many years yet to come.

You can find the bulk of my life’s work here for free for all who care to take a look.



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