Life and The Zero Sum Game

Life is not a game.

There is nothing to win.

It’s not a competition.

There are no places and no prizes.

That said.

I often meet people who do treat life as if it is a game. When I engage with these people, I make them play my game instead.

I call it The Zero Sum Game.

The rules are simple.

I win or no one wins because when I win everyone wins.

I win when you realize this is not a game, it’s life and to treat it as a game is to give yourself every excuse to abuse people without guilt and instead pat yourself on the back for your gamesmanship.

When I win, everyone wins.

We are all connected and the more of us that stop playing games the more of us there are that become intolerant of the game players. The more of us there are playing The Zero Sum Game.

At that point it’s exponential in growth and all that resist change are destroyed by those who will no longer put up with treating life as game.

Don’t hate the player destroy the desire to ever see it as a game again.

How you do that is by showing them all the damage they inflict by treating it as a game.

You shred the veil of their delusions with will and intent with the fewest words possible and let them deal with it.

Then sit back and get ready for the intellectual fight that you have already won because your intent is in the best interest of the sum.

Seeing life as a game is for the some.

The some versus the sum.

In any debate the some will always have its ass handed to it mightily by the sum.




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