The difference between an Awakened Soul and Marketing Awakening

There is a disturbing trend of people who are using the term Awakened soul who are still very much asleep. They use it to take advantage of those who don’t know any better in order to make a living doing relatively nothing but sharing other peoples quotes they themselves barely understand.

Here’s why they are dangerous to you personally, professionally and to the world at large.

Their favorite term is to end everything with “Love and Light” and everything is about being “Positive”and “Positive Vibes.”

Here’s why that is dangerous.

One does not become awakened until one can balance the light and dark within oneself. One never banished the darkness within. An Awakened soul embraces their darkness as much as their light.

Raising one’s vibration has nothing to with positive or negative vibrations only lower and higher vibrating frequencies. The highest of all being unconditional love.

An awakened soul realizes the there is no so such thing as positive and negative and these are terms used so we know who to abuse. I say abuse because these people will tell you to ignore and distance yourself from anyone not being positive. Feeling ignored by everyone is one of the most consistent reasons given for suicidal thoughts and even carrying it out if a letter is left.

An awakened soul would never ignore anyone or tell them they are being negative as that would be telling them their emotions are negated and without value. An awakened soul does not give you only the happy news nor do they sell you a delusion that life is supposed to happy and you should be happy about anything that happens no matter how horrific it is.

That is the most inhuman expectation to set for anyone. Anyone trying to meet that will engage in delusional thinking and create a delusional world for themselves in order to stay in the light and be happy.

An awakened soul will be brutally honest and tell you it’s OK to feel sad or angry based on what it is that has you sad or angry. They will help understand where it comes from instead of wishing it away with love and light.

Most of the fakers post memes they barely understand themselves and rarely if ever use their own words for anything. They will tell you how they are positive and light and giving love to the world with warm fuzzy feeling of joy because that is how we are meant to live.

Anyone else think this sounds delusional?

What amazes me is when people on Linkedin put that there job is being an Awakened soul, this is the first clue you are dealing with someone who has relatively no clue and wanted to take advantage of the fad.

Being an Awakened soul is not a job or a profession and not a way to make a living.

An Awakened soul has balanced both feminine and masculine energy within and sees the equality of all human beings and does not bash one gender or celebrate one gender.

An awakened soul recognizes the human being unless gender is required to be noticed and there are not many situations in life where your gender is what is needed or needs to be the focal point.

Gender roles inflict pain and suffering on those who do not measure up to the role assigned. It also sets a limited view of the capability of the one gender to another. How many times have we heard that a man will never be right when disagreeing with a woman.

How is not not sexist?

It’s called emotional abuse and no one has the right abuse anyone because they think what’s between their legs makes them right.

Sex is not the best path to awakening however once awakened the sex is ten times better.

Part of the awakening journey is realizing what you are capable of. Meaning realizing you are just as capable of ripping someone’s throat out as you are giving to a helping hand to some one in need. You embrace the totality of who you are forsaking no part of yourself only understanding why its there.

For the record Unconditional love doesn’t care about positive or negative, it loves and accepts all and excludes no one. It’s more like a black hole than a thing of light.

Love and light people will give a list of toxic people to go and judge for being toxic by cutting them out of your lives. Their lists are often not very detailed and based in general behaviors that would allow you to diagnose, judge and condemn most of the people around you most of the time.

These people are not awakened souls. they realized the marketing works and that they don’t have to work very hard. I spent the last week mirroring one of these people from Linkedin. As Master Empath I can decide who I want to mirror even if we never speak. I have no access to details of their life I only mirror their behavior. This allows me to study behavior without being invasive or violating someones right to having private thoughts.

As an Awakened soul when I realized I have the abilities I do it scared me. There is a responsibility that goes with it.

It was the Edgar Cayce institute that sickened me the most. They teach remote viewing which is the art of spying on people. When the granddaughter of the institute started telling me about my surroundings with out ever asking me if I minded her watching me, I felt violated. I take what I do with my gifts very seriously.

Remote viewing is a skill that has one purpose and one purpose only, spying on people without getting caught.

Awakened souls do not teach people to spy on other people and do not spy on other people.

If you find yourself talking to someone who is too honest for their own good even when it is the most unpopular thing to say, then you have found an awakened soul.



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