Reiki for free and how it works


Combining rei “soul, spirit” and ki “vital energy” is how we get to the word Reiki which is commonly used to identify energy work.

How does one tap into this soul vital energy?

It’s already there all around us and it’s simply about allowing it to do what it does.

Let me give you the energy work or Reiki form I designed to use to explain how simple energy work really is.

Today I am peaceful
Means I am an empty vessel holding only that which is mine.

Today I am relaxed
– Means I am relaxed because I am at peace or absent of emotion.

Today I am grateful
– Means I woke up and the rest is gravy.

Today I work hard
– Nothing is easy.

Today I am kind to others.
Being the empty vessel of emotion and working hard at being kind will be reflected back to you.

Breathe without breathing
– Allow your body to do the work with a blank mind and let go of everything.

This is my healing
– Setting the intent for the type of energy you wish to work with.

I accept this energy
– The healing energy from your intent.

I invite it into me
– Self-explanatory.

I allow it to heal me
– Self-explanatory.

I expand with the energy
-You set the intent to radiate this healing energy that you accept and invite into you.

Let’s get deep into how and why this works.

Think of the body as a hologram for a moment or energy given form for the purpose of experiencing the idea of corporeal life. In order for the hologram that is more or less under its own power to operate, it must have an internal system that links to other systems designed to keep the hologram powered.

There is much in the way of energy that is unseen and not quantifiable by today’s scientific standards and with today’s technology.

This does not mean it does not exist anyway.

To summarily dismiss it simply because we have not invented a machine that can measure it, is mentally unhealthy and delusional with the basis of this delusion being the fear of the unknown. It is a case of paranoid delusion in psychological diagnostic terms.

To protect the ego formed by this, people will insist since it can not be measured by a machine, it is a fable or myth and anyone who would say otherwise is a crack pot.

I do understand that a great many people feel as though energy work does not exist or that it is merely faith based healing associated with religion, with no scientific basis to support the idea.

These people are as ignorant as they are arrogant.

If you are not familiar with the Chakra system, you don’t need to be.

Simply understand there are 9 major Chakras in the body.

Starting at the bottom and working our way to the top here is a simplified look at the big 9.

Foot Chakra: Is considered to be one Chakra. When this Chakra activates you will feel a sensation in your feet. When this Chakra opens and is functioning at optimum, this is where you connect to the energy of the earth.

Science has shown we have a field around our bodies. For this field to be working at optimum it needs to be aligned to the resonate frequency of the Earth.

This simply stated means matching the frequency of the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field. When this Chakra is open and working at optimum it draws energy from the Earth that moves up your legs to the next Chakra and allows for energy to flow down to the Earth.

Think of it as in with the good and out with the bad.

Root Chakra: This is located in the pubic bone area of the body. This Chakra is the one most commonly associated with grounding. Grounding is the process of moving energy out of you that does not belong and retaining the energy you need to be at optimum.

Sacral Chakra: This is located just above the Root Chakra and is the center most commonly associated with sex and creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Located in the area of the diaphragm or the belly button, not all diagrams of the system are the same. This is the Chakra associated with being the focal point of will power and digestion.

Heart Chakra: Located in the chest. Love governs this energy center.

Palm Chakra: While each palm will experience a sensation of energy, this again is considered to be one Chakra. In energy work the energy you desire to give to another is channeled through this Chakra and this Chakra can be used to pull energy to and into you.

Throat Chakra: Located in the throat this Chakra is associated with communication and speech. To have this Chakra working at optimum one must be honest in the expression of self. One cannot operate in deception and have this Chakra working at optimum.

Third Eye Chakra: Located at the pineal gland in your skull. This Chakra is the center of “visions” or the mind’s eye.

Crown Chakra: This Chakra is simply where a crown would rest on your head should you ever wear one. It is the Chakra associated with consciousness itself. It can also be said that this is the Chakra that allows for the higher-self to relay information from the Universal Consciousness.

I could be more detailed, however for the day to day of the average person simply trying to get trough their day, this is all you really need to know. If you want a more in depth definition, there are many free resources online that you can research on your own. There is also a lot of conflicting information as to what each Chakra is and it’s function depending on the resource you are working with.

In order to do energy work, I have found through experience the more simplified you make it the easier it is to work with the energy.

Or to say I experienced that it is more useful to understand the concept than to get bogged down in the knowledge that can and will be a hindrance in learning to do energy work.

I have studied at least a dozen forms of Reiki and it is from this study that I designed my form, eliminating all the unnecessary knowledge and stripping it down to the bare essentials of understanding the high level concepts.

It has been my experience that most forms of Reiki are needlessly complex and most of what they teach is to have something to teach so they can charge you money.

Here is how it works.

Simply stated to be at peace means to be absent of all emotion. To be “peaceful” means to be filled with nothing. In simplest terms, before one can be filled with healing energy, one must be empty of all other energies that would inhibit healing.

This is emotional energy.

Emotion is a form of energy.

There is not another way to explain how it works than to accept that emotion is a form of energy.

Think about how the emotion behind the words people speak changes they way you feel about what they have to say at times.

When we speak with emotion we are attempting to give our words power to influence or explain our current emotional state and why someone should agree with what is coming out of our mouths.

Whether or not the particular emotion is valid is not what we are talking about right now.

What we are talking about is to be at peace one must resolve all conflicts that exist in the moment. To be at peace one must let go of all emotional attachments in one’s life in the current moment.

It has been my experience that when I am choosing to attach an emotion to an issue in my life it inhibits my ability to perform energy work in an efficient manner or to even be able to perform it at all depending on the nature of the emotion.

In my experience anger or resentment that you choose to keep as part of your ego expression of self will inhibit your ability to self-heal as well as inhibit your ability to provide healing relief to anyone else using any form of energy work.

I have found through experience the only emotion that does not inhibit healing of self or providing relief to another through energy work is pure love energy. I purposefully did not say unconditional love. Here’s why.

When providing another with relief from emotional pain, one takes on a measure of, if not the current totality of the emotion of the individual you are providing energy work to.

For energy work to have any chance of being effective it must be accompanied with cognitive therapy to assist the individual you are working with in self-healing of emotional pain.

If the individual never changes their view or continues to choose to hold on to the view that allows them to be in emotional pain, the most you can ever do is give them temporary relief with each session.

I have found that people will use the practitioner as a crutch and that in some cases the practitioner will forgo the cognitive therapy portion to keep the individual coming back for more and thus keeping the practitioner employed.

In some ways it is metaphorically the same as a drug dealer who likes that you never heal and are always coming to them for the quick fix.

If you were to exercise unconditional love in the healing art, you would never turn away anyone for any reason. There would be no conditions for you to use to deny service to anyone. This would also mean you would perform energy work on someone at no cost and would not ask or payment.

The practitioner would be taking on the emotional pain of everyone around them regardless of the adverse effects it may or may not have on the practitioner themselves.

Unconditional love in simplest terms is self-sacrificing and has no ego expression.

I myself have experienced this and during my time in this state of unconditional love or egoless state, I did not care about the cost to me and my life when performing energy work for others.

I have also had stories relayed to me of other practitioners who operate in this manner. Many of them are homeless and rely on the kindness and donations of the people they help.

They often find themselves working with those who have nothing to give.

Pure love with conditions, begins and ends with self-love. Think of it as the idea of doing for others as you would want others to do for you. What makes the love pure?

This question is one I have pondered for quite some time and based on the life experience I’ve had examining the idea of what pure love is, took me on a journey involving many people. Here is my working theory of what pure love is.

Pure Love: A love based on the interactions with a human being in which no harm has come to either in these interactions and pain has not been shared. It is observational based on what has been shown by one human to another. It allows for one to disengage with one who would inflict harm.

One does this because one does not inflict harm upon oneself and thus does not allow one who would inflict harm with intent habitually to be in one’s life. It does not mean that one does not inflict what would be considered harm, it means one inflicts harm that is necessary in the moment to attempt to get another to stop inflicting harm on oneself or others.

Think of it this way.

“The truth hurts and we always hurt the ones we love with the truth to get them to stop hurting themselves.”

In simplest terms, pure love is honesty in all things and only accepts honesty in all things and will reject deception from one’s life and will not extend love to those who are found to be habitually dishonest.

This is the closest thing to a working theoretical definition I use for the concept of what pure love is versus unconditional love that would turn away no one, even if they are habitual in the harm they inflict and the habitual deception in their chosen ego expression of self.

One allows you to say no and cut people out of your life and the other makes saying no difficult at best and allows you to keep harmful influences in your life.

It begins and ends with the way you apply the concept of love to yourself and your chosen view of what love is to you.

What is love?

In my exploration of attempting to provide myself with a better idea of unconditional love and pure love, I also had an idea about what love itself is as an emotion.

All emotion is an expression of love based on the love we feel we are receiving in our life and the love we are giving to our life and those in our life. Based on the way someone loves us or accepts or rejects the love we give can cause every other emotion, thought to be separate emotional states, to present itself in our choice of how we feel in the moment.

I feel all emotional expression is the different expressions of the one emotion that is love.

What in the blue holy hell does this have to do with energy work?

I often find what is simple in action and concept is often complex in what goes into the that action or actions.

Everything we do is based on emotional intent or the emotion driving our actions and words. In energy work our emotional state is the essence of the beginning of the work and will have a profound result on the possible results of the work done.

If our intent is to only make money doing what we are doing and to have repeat customers, our intent is going to provide reflections that will use us as a crutch.

Our intent must be well defined and understood internally to change the nature of the reflections that will be receiving the energy work from us, including self-work.

Let’s deconstruct my design and see how all the parts work and work together.

Today I am peaceful
Means I am an empty vessel holding only that which is mine.

It has been my experience that to achieve a state of peace means to be absent of all. It is the state of nothingness so to speak. It is absent of ego as there is no emotion to define in the moment.

We define who we are based on how we feel about any given thing. In order to achieve a state of peace we must give up our emotional attachments to any and everything.

This does not mean that you remain totally unattached. I’m not preaching the Vulcan way of life, however the state of peace is necessary in order to begin.

To assist myself in achieving this state I use the following mediation to prepare myself for beginning the process of engaging my energy work design.

“I let go of everything.”

I repeat these words until I can feel my body take over the breathing. Once I achieve that state of total detachment and feel at peace or completely absent of emotion, then I begin with the first line of my design.

I find doing this lying down often led me to a nap and the energy work does not happen. I find if I do it sitting, I am able to move forward and recite the design.

I had done this enough times that I had created a short program code so to speak that when I would say “Today I am peaceful” I could forgo the meditation prep. I had programmed myself to enter the state of peace by simply telling myself I am at peace.

This broke any emotional attachments or unresolved conflicts for the time needed to engage in the design.

Even now after using this design for over 3 years, I can simply say “I am at peace” and I am.

It is due to me using this design for over 3 years daily that I am able to do this. It is all self programming. Taking a process and turning it into an instinct so to speak and little or no thought is needed.

I can do as Nike suggests and just do it. It took most of the 1st year to get to this point.

Let’s move on to the next line.

Today I am relaxed
Means I am relaxed because I am at peace or absent of emotion.

I did say that I have a habit of taking a nap when I enter the state of peace while lying down. It’s very relaxing.

If you have no emotional attachments in the moment to anything there is nothing to be tense or stressed out about, you let go of all of it for the time being.

Telling yourself that “Today I am relaxed” is a way of setting your personal programming for the day. To be as relaxed as you can be throughout the day.

I found as I did this every day and some days a few times a day, I became more relaxed over all in day to day life.

I feel and would say this is theory, that in the state of peace it gives you more direct access to your subconscious and the ability to make faster adjustments in your ego expression.

Next line please.

Today I am grateful
Means I woke up and the rest is gravy.

Intent is everything and intent begins and ends with honest expression of the emotional self which I think of as the ego expression. I had first gravitated toward the idea of honest expression in all things from Bruce Lee. It was something he had dedicated himself to.

In order for this design to work, I had to be able to honestly say “Today I am grateful.”

This is not as easy as it sounds all days. Life happens and we have things happen in life or find ourselves in a life that we may not feel all that grateful to have.

I am alive today. Anything else I do is based on making sure I wake up tomorrow.

Sure, there are some desires in there for what each day might bring, however if you let the day itself be a gift and let yourself start the day grateful to be alive, it changes your view of your life. It gives you that extra something to help you deal with the days events. It’s a gift you give to yourself.

Perception is false reality.

To truly feel grateful to be alive takes a lot of work in the perception you have of your life and where it is you woke up and who may or may not be there next to you. There is your entire life in this moment that you must feel truly grateful for in order for that expression of self to be honest.

I have days still where instead of being grateful, the Big U gets a big “Fuck You!” for where my life is in the moment.

Or to say it is a simple concept that is difficult to truly live, results will vary based on your life in the moment.

I do think it is fair to say there are some things in the moment we should not be grateful to be going through. These moments can and often do lead us to making changes in our expression to allow for changes in our life to reach that moment where we are grateful for our life as it is.

We must change the projection of self in order to change the reflections of the mirrors in our life and in essence change our life.

This brings us to the next line of my design.

Today I work hard
Nothing is easy

Life is work whether you are being paid for what you are doing to get through your day or not.

I experienced the truth of these words as a house husband and stay at home father. It was work all day every day and I got no paycheck. I started noticing that a lot of life is work we never get paid for.

Think about the work you put into what people see in your appearance.

In my late 20’s I worked out 6 days a week. I went to the gym 3 days a week and hiked in Upper Bidwell Park 4 days a week. I also spent 6 days a week in the pool at my apartment complex treading water for as long as I could. I paid for my gym membership.

You get the point about work you do that you don’t get paid for and life is work. We don’t see it as work as we have been conditioned to see the concept of work being tied to a paycheck.

It takes work to reach a point where you can achieve a state of peace and maintain it for any length of time.

It takes work to recondition your thought process and make changes in your expression of self to make it an honest expression in everything you do and say.

You do that work every waking moment of your day whether you know it or not. Your expression of self is your daily life’s work and what your life looks like in the moment is the results of that work.

Moving on.

Today I am kind to others.
Being the empty vessel of emotion and working hard at being kind will help you get that kindness aimed back at you.

I have been called evil many times in my life. It is usually after calling someone out on a lie.

The truth hurts, however it is unkind to lie for any reason. When we tell that white lie to spare someone’s feelings we set them up for a bigger hurt later. That is not a kind thing to do to someone.

I think we can agree on the concept and could debate endlessly about the situations in which you feel the white lies you told were OK.

I am not here to judge you or call you out on your past. That I leave for you to do to you.

What you project is what will reflect back at you. If the basis of your anger is fear, you use anger to make others afraid of you so that you no longer feel afraid.

It really is that simple.

If the basis of your kindness is deceptive in any way, form or fashion you will find the same deceptive kindness reflected back at you.

There’s one in every group. That one you all talk about. You think about that one for as long as it takes to find yourself in that person and see where your projection got that one to reflect back what it is that makes them that one.

The journey continues.

Breathe without breathing
Allow your body to do the work with a blank mind and let go of everything.

Your breathing should be slow and soft to the point you cannot feel the air movement with each inhale and exhale. There are times I have felt as though I wasn’t breathing at all.

What happened is that this became my normal way of breathing and I rarely feel the air movement unless I stop and think about it. I have had others I have taught this form to make the same comment about how their breathing changed over time using this design.

When you say “Breathe without breathing” this is the intent or concept to attach to these words. To breathe so slowly that even though you are taking large full breaths, you are doing it so slowly you stop noticing that you are breathing at all.

You feel your body expand and contract each breath but feel no air movement through your nostrils or mouth.

Time to move forward.

This is my healing
Setting the intent for the type of energy you wish to work with.

Before you even sit down to begin this process you made the decision to heal.

You set the intent to heal before you even engaged. That intent is reinforced by saying “This is my healing.”

Intent is everything. We engage our words and actions to gain an intended result.

I will take a moment here to point out that pure and unconditional love is never deceptive.

Love energy is healing energy.

Being honest in all things is not only acting in kindness but an expression of the love you are projecting at the time. The quality of the healing energy will be effected by the purity of your expression of love in the moment. This is why you detach from everything so that you can momentarily wipe the slate clean so to speak and allow pure love energy to be what you start with.

Onward we must go.

I accept this energy
The healing energy from your intent.

You are giving the energy permission to move into and within you.

Energy can be neither destroyed or created, however it can be denied and accepted.

Before one can truly accept the pure love healing energy one must be in a moment of purity or to say absent of perception. It is understanding the concepts behind the words and having the thought process attached to the words that allows them to work. It’s not magic, it’s programming.

It is temporarily erasing your hard drive and making changes to the operating system. Think of it as updating yourself and cleaning out your recycle bin.

“Sir, reinforcements have arrived!”

I invite it into me
Self explanatory.
I allow it to heal me
Self explanatory.

These two lines are just that, reinforcements of the intent to allow this energy to move into and within you and why.

Last, but certainly not the least of all.

I expand with the energy
You set the intent to radiate this healing energy that you accept and invite into you.


The only thing that truly makes us different and feel unconnected is the view we have had from this limited human form that experienced the life that shaped us into who we are right now.

All healing is self-healing and based on how we view who we are and the events of our life. Adding an energy work design such as this one or another or designing your own for personal use only assists in accomplishing the self-healing while giving you energetic support in the form of pure love energy.

Everything is energy in various forms, this includes us. This is why this works. I found in order to have success with my personal healing I had to understand “Everything is energy in various forms” and the complexity behind those simple words. This led to a few ideas that resulted in having a good grasp on the concept of energy work.

I have studied the concepts behind Holographic Universe theory and I found they have merit and this theory is the basis of my ideas on energy work and why it works.

I have noticed this theory is getting a lot of attention these days. Simply stated, Holographic Universe theory states we and all of existence is made of holograms. We are given limited senses in this form we call human to ensure we interact with the holograms as if they were real.

We are given a limited capacity for understanding in order to allow us to share this reality as flesh and blood and everything that corporeal life would bind us to.

Genetic programming known as DNA is the foundation for building the structure we call life. DNA is our operating system that manages what we have the potential to become. If one is able to access or hack their DNA coding, changes can me made in the holographic projection that is you.

This is the only explanation that makes sense to me after I lengthened my short leg. My right leg was ¾ inch shorter than my left leg.

I was born this way. Both legs are the same length today. There are medical records that show I did have a short leg.

What is a gyre?

If you have never heard of it, that’s OK not many have. A gyre in simplest terms is a subatomic sized singularity or black hole that works on a vortex.

The theory on gyres makes sense from a everything micro, everything macro perspective. At the center of the universe is a super massive singularity.

It explains why everything is effected by gravity more than any force in existence.

Everything is connected through gravity and gravity affects everything. This why I say it should be the theory of connected gravity, not the theory of relativity we should be exploring.

All motion is governed by gravitational force. If people did at one time live on Mars, they would have been much taller than us as the gravity is lower and would allow for a sentient form to grow taller with less resistance from the planets gravity.

How heavy something is will vary based on the strongest connected gravitational force.

Energy work is as much about manipulating gravity as it is manipulating energy for a desired outcome.

Think of it this way, distance only exists in the mind as we are all connected through gravity.

The speed of thought is immeasurable as thought energy has no mass and is unaffected by gravity.

Altering the frequency of your thought energy is the basis of energy work.

Emotional energy and thought energy work together in energy work. Though we currently do not have the technology to prove this, I assert that emotional energy has a frequency spectrum as well.

To perform energy work the gyres in ones body must be in gravitational alignment for optimum energy flow.

The emotional self must be in alignment for optimum energy flow.

Thought energy must be aligned for optimum energy flow.

There is a lot to be found on the web that will throw symbols and numbers at you. I found most of it inhibited my progress and I progressed further, faster by ignoring it.

Any symbols designed by a human, any human are flawed by the design of the human form.

My design is flawed.

If you decide to use my design, do it as a jumping off point in creating something that is yours for you to use that works best for you.

Yes, I am basically saying sacred geometry is flawed human construct and unnecessary to understanding how to augment your thought and emotional energy frequencies to align your energetic system for optimum function.

Or to say it is everything that goes into the intent behind your thoughts that is applied in molding and shaping your reality down to your human form.

What is simple in concept is extremely complex in any attempt at definition.


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