12 Karmic Laws and the Psychospirilosophy view

  1. The Great Law

One will reap what one sows whether one wants to or not.

One sows with every thought, word and action. What one thinks shapes what one says and one’s actions.

One’s life is a direct result of what one thinks, says and does and what all ones say and do. These are the things that shape one’s life and what one will manifest in the shared reality for all ones.

  1. The Law of Creation

Without action one’s manifestations will go to other ones. Without action one give’s life to the manifestation that another one will take action to fully manifest into the shared reality.

All manifestations must be completed whether they are completed by one or not. One who does not participate in one’s manifestation leaves much to be manifested by other ones.

One had a hand in manifesting all one sees around one. All ones are responsible for what surrounds one. One manifests for all ones whether one intends to or not.

One creates one’s ability to manifest by what one allows to be present in one’s life.

Who one is will determine all of one’s manifestations.

  1. The Law of Humility

Be humble or be humbled.

One is the student and should show humility accordingly however never be too humble as to think one has nothing to teach.

Humility does not mean one allows other one’s to abuse one or take advantage of one’s kindness.

Humility is quiet confidence that exercise patience to know when it is wise to speak and why.

One has the power to destroy that which resists or to surrender to it.

One exercises patience to seek the wisest course of action.

  1. The Law of Growth

One is interdependent on other one’s in order to grow.

One who refuses to grow will harm all ones.

One grows as one changes from within to project a refined image of self.

  1. The Law of Reflection

What one projects is what existence reflects back at one.

Life is a hall of mirrors and to change the mirror one must change what one is projecting.

All ones are connected and distance only exists in the mind.

One attracts nothing, one only changes what is reflected back by changing ones projection.

  1. The Law of Synchronicity

Everything happens for a reason and coincidence is a fable.

One’s fate changes as one makes choices. The choice one makes turns the mirrors around to show one the results of one’s life’s work which is one’s life.

All ones are interdependent on all ones.

  1. Law of Focus

One can only focus one’s attention on one thing at a time. Ones desired results in life will determine where one needs to apply focus.

One’s patience with applied focus will lead one to find the wisest path to follow at every turn.

When one focuses for one’s life to be lived serving one’s fullest potential to the sum one will do great things daily.

  1. The Law of Giving and Hospitality

One gets what one gives.

One is entreated as one will entreat.

  1. The Law of Now

All that exists does so right now.

Nothing exists outside of now.

Now is a never ending manifestation of existence by all ones.

Let go of what was and embrace what is while making changes for what the moment will change into.

  1. The Law of Change

Change is existence and existence is change. The can be no creation if there is no change.

All change will happen and can only be slowed by those who hold onto the past.

That which resists change will be destroyed by change.

  1. The Law of Patience and Reward

A patient mind reaps the greatest rewards. It is patient mind that waits to find the wisest course of action to reap ones desired rewards from life.

When one is patient in thought, one is patient in speech and in action. One who is patient in thought is diligent in action.

One who is patient will accomplish great things daily and find great rewards in life often.

  1. The Law of Significance and Inspiration

The greatest reward is the one that makes the greatest impact for the sum.

The greatest inspiration is to be inspired to have one’s life make an impact with will and focused intent to benefit all ones.

One who seeks to benefit the sum will be inspired to live in greatness simply by being who one is.

When one observes and honors the Laws of Karma one will live in greatness.



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